Legends in Bronze concertSurprise!Garth Brooks stunned the crowd of 7,000 at the Crystal Palace by hitting his knees and proposing to Trisha Yearwood Wednesday night

Garth Brooks and his Trisha Yearwood leave the stage at the Crystal Palace in 2005 after Brooks stunned Yearwood by proposing in front of an estimated 7,000 deliriously cheering fans.

The upcoming Garth Brooks concert at Buck Owens' Crystal Palace will be on Aug. 15, KUZZ announced today.

And if you want to go, tune in now.

Tickets are available through KUZZ and partner radio station The Bull 97.3. KUZZ already gave away two sets of tickets this morning, said Program Director Brent Michaels.

The station will name a Garth Brooks song, and listeners call into the studio line when it plays.

Tickets will be given away up until the day of the show, Michaels said. Other regional stations will also be giving away tickets, he said.

The concert is the second stop on Brooks' Dive Bar Tour, which features seven stops at "dive bars" this summer. "Dive Bar" is one of Brooks' latest singles, which feature Blake Shelton.

Brooks announced the Bakersfield stop in a Facebook Live video Monday night.

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IlIs this the only way to get tickets..I've been watching and calling the venue...sent emails...if so so...hardly seems fair to people who work, travel, have small children and cant sit around listening to the radio all day. Just wondering?


Garth Brooks tickets available exclusively through KUZZ

Other regional stations will also be giving away tickets, he said.

So, not exclusively


I can totally picture a copy editor rolling his eyes at my last nit picky comment, but its kinda cool to know someones reading.

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