Tiki-Ko, everyone's favorite local tiki bar — also currently its only, but who's counting? — just launched an updated menu, bumping up its total to 27 cocktails. Cheers!

Offerings are divided into three categories — classic tiki drinks, modern tiki favorites and house specialty cocktails — with a dozen new options.

New among the classics are the Navy Grog, 151 Swizzle and Jet Pilot, which is the No. 1 pick for Roy Scarazzo, who owns the bar with wife, Sonya.

"The Jet Pilot is my favorite, it’s a total classic and it’s strong!" he wrote in an email.

(For those who fear the potency, the new menu also features the Ko-Pilot, serving the high-proof rum of the Jet Pilot on the side to be added as desired.)

Drinks that don't exactly fit the tiki mold fall under house specialties including El Duderino (a tropical take on the White Russian), Stiggins’ Old Fashioned (a rum old-fashioned with Plantation Stiggins’ Pineapple Rum), the Eastchester ("a rum’ed-up take on the classic Brooklyn cocktail") and the Tiki-Ko Mojito, which Scarazzo said they been serving since they opened but are just now putting it on the permanent menu.

The creative bartenders, known for whipping up weekly specials, helped develop the original additions including Mary Ann, sweet like the castaway thanks to apricot liqueur and coconut cream; The Tradewinds of Truxtun, staving off scurvy with fresh lime juice and orange curacao; and the Shark Attack, which was a featured special this summer during Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

The vodka-based drink is served with strawberry puree looking like blood on the body of the shark mug. To protect the specialty barware — like the parrot mug of the Beaux Rosa — imbibers must offer their ID as collateral. 

Speaking of fun mugs, Scarazzo said the specials will move from three to one or two a week but they'll live up to their name.

He said, "We want to really make the specials really special, crazier garnishes, more exotic ingredients, maybe even special glassware or mugs."

Excitement also builds for the planned downstairs bar, which will have a sunken ship theme with a "Pirates of the Caribbean" flair: dark wood planking, classic lanterns, ropes and fish netting.

But don't don that eyepatch yet: Scarazzo said they're looking at a summer opening for the lower-level addition.

Tiki-Ko is at 1919 K St.

Fresh offerings at Eureka!

The Riverwalk spot known for a great happy hour and creative dining options has added a number of new items to the menu. What’s fresh in the lineup:

Short rib kimchi burger consisting of a pork rib Angus patty topped with cheddar, kimchi and garlic aioli;

Housemade pimento grilled cheese with spicy porter mustard served with tomato dill soup;

Skirt steak served with grilled broccolini, red chimichurri, chili flakes, Parmesan and lemon zest;

Spiced caramel popcorn, with peanuts, bacon and rosemary;

Fried cauliflower bites with bonito flakes, garlic aioli and lemon zest;

Smoked salmon dip crostini topped with pickled red onions, cucumbers and dill;

Shaved Brussels sprouts salad featuring chicken, chives, date, pecans, Parmesan, grapes and a lemon vinaigrette;

Chocolate pudding salted caramel topped with peanut butter whip and peanuts.

Eureka! is at 10520 Stockdale Highway.

New and different

Killer Poke (1002 19th St.) now has online ordering via its website, killerpokebowl.com. ...The Hen's Roost brought back its delicious vegan bacon for a limited run. Check back with them (864-7048) to see if it will be added again to the rotation of fresh lunches served Wednesday through Friday at its kitchen, 1916 G St. ... Panera Bread is delivering within a limited range. Check panerabread.com to see if delivery is available in your area. (Since the Californian's downtown address is not in the delivery area, we haven't been able to try it out.)

Stefani Dias can be reached at 661-395-7488. Follow her on Twitter at @realstefanidias.

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Tam Daras

It is wonderful to celebrate a downtown bar that contributes to DUI arrests, cirrhosis, delerium tremens, ruined families, while the local politicians debate how to curtail distribution of legalized marijuana.


Should I assume that "pork rib Angus..." means short rib Angus?

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