Along with staying safe and healthy, many people are looking for ways to help others, whether it's weary health-care workers or their neighbors and loved ones. Here are some businesses that are helping out with free meals right now. If you know of any others who are doing something similar, send the details to

The Kitchen (1317 20th St.): For the past few weeks, the teaching kitchen and event space has been offering weekday pick-up meals. It is also extending a call for comfort meals for those in need of a good dinner.

People can nominate someone, including themselves, for a meal for two (or a family) by emailing Be sure to put "Comfort Meal" in the subject line and explain why you nominated the person or family for meals.

Recent dinners have gone to a widow and mother who is needed to work at a shelter, a family of five with both parents have been furloughed and a grocery store clerk who in her free time is bringing groceries to neighbors, the elderly and others in need. 

Previous meals have included roasted herbed chicken and potatoes with soup and dessert; and Mediterranean chicken with roasted veggies, Broadfork Acres salad, fresh-made pita bread, herbed yogurt sauce and baklava.

Even if you don't have someone to nominate, you can still help by donating money toward the cost of a comfort meal. The total cost of a meal for two is $48 but any contribution, no matter how small, is welcome via The Kitchen's Go Fund Me page (, which is putting all funds toward these free meals.

For more details, visit The Kitchen's Instagram (@thekitchen1317) or Facebook page (

The Mark (1623 19th St.): The downtown restaurant is doing a giving campaign dubbed #DinnerForYouAndWho. Diners purchase a dinner for two ($25) for curbside pickup for themselves then pay it forward by selecting someone who could use a meal, which The Mark staff will deliver to the recipient. Delivery is available for the gifted meal for two (hot or reheatable) up to 10 miles from the restaurant.

Meals include a choice of chicken Alfredo or pasta Bolognese with salad and a slice of Baked Bake Shop cake. Customers can also purchase additional specials for $20 if they're sending the meal to a family.

Customers must pre-order the meal deal by calling 231-6275 between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

We Be Grubbin': The plant-based meal business continues to offer free and discounted meals in the community. Customers can opt to "pay it forward," paying $22 for a meal that includes the cost of half a meal. For those whom "the struggle is real," they can pay $8 for a meal. The business, run by Kim and Shante Jackson, also delivers a limited number of free meals for those in need.

Current plates are smokehouse (smoked brisk't) and Southern fried chick'n, which both come with vegan mac and cheese, collard greens and cornbread. There is a rotating third option that has included fried fysh, black bean enchiladas and orange chick'n. Family-style portions of brisk't, chick'n, collard greens, and mac and cheese are also available.

Order at Call or text 662-1718 with questions.

Romano's Macaroni Grill (8850 Rosedale Highway): The Italian restaurant is allowing customers to add on a first responder meal ($10) to their orders through April 30. Diners can have an order of Mom's ricotta meatballs and spaghetti delivered to a firefighter, police officer, paramedic or hospital medical staffer. First responder meals are delivered on Wednesdays before 9 p.m.

Order at or call 588-2277. Note: If ordering online to have your order delivered to your address, you must make a separate transaction for the delivery of the first responder meal.

Stefani Dias can be reached at 661-395-7488. Follow her on Twitter at @realstefanidias.

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As a Senior with no income except my small 4 plex we are very close to losing everything.

No one mentions that the Sheriffs are refusing to do lockouts for people that have been evicted for not paying rent way long before (since January) Covoid-19 became an issue.

Now the non-renter waves at us sarcastically enjoying the extra 3 months free rent.

I am NOT the County or the State and do not have the ability to subsidize homeless people which is EXACTLY what these people are according to a Judge !

Who is going to help us, and don't say the Banks because our mortgage is not paid to a bank.

Why couldn't Gov Newsom have made the same order as New York that say that ALL mortgage payers get relief, not just a select few Newsom donors with the high income and credit good enough for a Major Bank loan.

Elitist in action.

Comment deleted.
Gene Pool Chlorinator

You have no clue, do you?

So simplistic for someone that doesn't own anything...

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