As the phrase goes, it's as American as apple pie but for my money, I spot a lot more Americans scarfing down a cheeseburger than the pie. (Although the tide may turn next week when Willamette Valley Pie Company returns to the Kern County Fair.)

All these burger lovers will be happy to note Tuesday is National Cheeseburger Day, not so much for the arbitrary holiday but for the inevitable deals.

Black Angus Steakhouse: Choose the steakhouse bacon cheeseburger or the chain's beloved guacamole burger — returning for Tuesday only — served with fries or coleslaw, and choice of any 16-ounce draft beer for $10.99. Diners can, of course, opt for a soft drink, although the deal is only available in the restaurant's BullsEye Bar.

Red Robin: Gourmet cheeseburger with bottomless steak fries for $5 with any beverage purchase.

Sonic: Enjoy half-price cheeseburgers 5 p.m. to close. (This deal is the chain's regular Tuesday deal.) Those hungry for more can order the carhop classic deal — a quarter-pound double cheeseburger or signature slinger plus medium tater tots for $2.99 all day.

Wendy’s: For the entire month of September, get a free Dave’s Single cheeseburger with any purchase using the Wendy’s app.

Fatburger: While we still wait for our Bakersfield location of the popular burger chain to open, those headed to Los Angeles this week are in for quite the deal. FAT Brands Inc., Fatburger's parent company, is offering free delivery of cheeseburgers, shakes and all the chain's other treats for those in the Los Angeles area. The deal is through delivery service Postmates and runs from Tuesday through Sunday.

Beyond the bargains, there are always personal favorites. I've got plenty but, for the sake of brevity, will offer only three, all conveniently available downtown.

34th Street Burgers and Deli: This is one of those cases where the name may confuse you since this burger spot is actually on H Street closer to 24th Street than its namesake. The answer is pretty simple, since this is the menu and crew that was serving up these tasty burgers previously at 34th Street Car Wash. The burgers are big and topped with fresh ingredients — tomatoes, green leaf lettuce, red onion and sweet pickles. Get the Ortega burger, which throws a green chile into the mix that pairs great with cheese on top. 34th Street Burgers and Deli is at 2301 H St.

The Hen's Roost: Who's looking for a cheeseburger at a vegan spot? You should be. The Impossible Burger closely replicates the texture of actual meat but it's not that simple. Order it western style, with the addition of onion rings, barbecue sauce and, yes, vegan cheese. You might not be eating that by the slice but it's mighty fine melted on this burger. The Hen's Roost is at 1916 G St.

Woolworth Diner: You don't mess with a classic but in some cases you can top it with chili and call it a day. The chili cheeseburger at this longtime luncheonette is a winner, not listed on the menu but easily made with the chili used on the chili cheese dog and fries. Get the onions — you'll already be chomping the mints with that chili breath so make them really work. The cowboy burger — a favorite of friend of The Dish Elizabeth Sanchez — is also an off-the-menu hit. That burger is topped with crispy onion strings, bacon, cheese and two house-made sauces: barbecue and the special sauce, which is similar to Thousand Island dressing. The diner is at 1400 19th St.

Along with the deals and picks, here are some statistics gleaned from a survey of more than 1,000 American consumers via Google Surveys compiled by The findings:

The majority of consumers (37 percent) chose condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc.) as their favorite cheeseburger topping. Tomatoes came in second place (13 percent) and bacon in third (12 percent)

Five Guys is the top cheeseburger chain (25 percent) in the nation, followed closely by Wendy's (21 percent) and then McDonald's (20 percent). California favorite In-N-Out Burger came in with a solid 15 percent.

The majority of consumers (56 percent) spend between $1-$20 on cheeseburgers in a month. There's also the extreme ends of the spectrum, with 24 percent not spending any money on cheeseburgers and 3 percent admitting to spending over $81 per month.

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Stefani Dias can be reached at 661-395-7488. Follow her on Twitter at @realstefanidias.

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