The votes are in. The winning flavor in Moo Creamery's 9th annual Flavor Awards contest is Bourbon Butternutty.

The ice cream flavor, created by Leah Shields, features caramelized butternut squash ice cream with bourbon pecan caramel swirl. The flavor received 28 votes out of 150 at the restaurant's annual event, held Sunday.

But the competition was close. With 25 votes, second place was awarded to WTF (What the Fudge), a peanut butter-based concoction with marshmallow, fudge swirl and homemade toffee; and third place went to Siracha Peach Cobbler, with 22 votes. That taste bud-enticing flavor features vanilla ice cream, roasted peaches, siracha and streusel crumble.

Attendees got to vote for one of nine flavors of ice cream, including Grammy Gram, Twin Peaks, Baked Honeycrisp Apple, Olive "I Love" Ice Cream, Gingersnap Cardamon and Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.

Narrowing down the competition to just nine flavors was tough. Co-owner Amy Thelen said the restaurant received about 200 entries and based the finals on what seemed the most interesting and what was trending.

All nine flavors are available at Moo Creamery while supplies last, but the winning flavor will be available for the next six months.

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