Dining outdoors with a view of the Kern River might bring to mind hot dogs, maybe a pot of beans over an open fire. Well, leave those expectations at the campground and prepare for Embers & Ash, a rustic fine dining experience coming to the Kern River House on Oct. 1 and 2.

It was a culinary tragedy when the Noriega Hotel had to close, the only restaurant in town to ever win a James Beard national award and a distinctive place open since 1893 that was one of those fascinating, unusual restaurants that drew visitors.

You may have stayed home this holiday weekend, but that doesn't mean you don't have big travel plans in mind. If you're headed to Las Vegas this fall and you like to eat (and doesn't everyone), here are some new options to explore.

On social media, a friend was asking for Mexican restaurant recommendations, and the usual flurry of great places were offered, with someone chiming in again how Bakersfield residents are spoiled by the quality of what is offered here compared to many U.S. cities (I’ve believed that for year…

It's a good time to be a fan of Filipino treats in Bakersfield.  This summer we've seen the opening of Umaga Cafe and the city's first Jollibee. On Saturday, another business adds to the options with the opening of Red Ribbon Bakeshop. 

I haven't written about Buffalo Wild Wings since they came to town 10 years ago, but I have admired the way this chain has stayed current with food trends, long ago going past just offering chicken wings, and the way they are pretty much the ultimate in sports bars. Watching events at a plac…

Reminiscent of those U.S. Army posters in which Uncle Sam declared "I want you!," so too does the Guild House want your help. Nothing strenuous is required, just some assistance at the volunteer-run restaurant that reopens for the season on Sept. 7.

No one is going to argue that we don’t all deserve a margarita right about now. The finer details may come in the judging, but don't worry, the Kern Margarita Championship is back to decide who’s tops when it comes to local cocktails.

One of the fascinating impacts of the pandemic that we've survived is that soaring demand for pizza. According to marketing tech company Zenreach, foot traffic in pizza parlors is up 49 percent nationally, remarkably up 156 percent in Los Angeles and 119 percent in California. Texas is up 29…

While many home chefs dream of competing for culinary accolades, few make it beyond the wishing stage. But that's not the case with Bakersfield native Sharila Stewart, who will be competing Thursday on "Top Chef Amateurs."

Since most events wilt in Bakersfield's summer heat, activities really ramp up in the fall. After many postponed and modified festivals last year, we're back in business with some local food and beverage fun this October.

I put off visiting the new seafood restaurant At C Fresh till the Maya Cinema started showing movies again. Then, once the theaters were reopening around town, I went ahead and visited without bothering to go see a movie and came to regret what I'd been missing.

All things considered, Bakersfield teen Aliah Maness had a lot to take away from 2020. Tie-dyeing, one of her favorite pastimes, enjoyed a resurgence, and she entered a cooking contest that culminates in a final cook-off on Monday.

With all the disruption caused in the restaurant business by the pandemic, it is nice to see the growth in recent years of locally owned restaurants like Vatos Tacos (soon to open another place on Ming Avenue) and Old River Grill, which has opened its third restaurant at The Marketplace.

Those glued to their TVs enjoying all the Shark Week content from Discovery/discovery+ have a reason to emerge from the cool depths of their home air-conditioning this week.

Earlier this year there were news reports of impending chicken shortages. I immediately mentally filed these away like I did the alleged shortages of paper towels and toilet paper that seemed to occur over a year ago, inspiring actual Americans to buy toilet paper from China via Amazon. I am…

The carnage from the COVID-19 pandemic continues in the restaurant business. Recently we lost two of my favorite new restaurants from the past 18 months: By the Way Grill at Bill Wright Toyota and Casa Flores Restaurant Bar (in the old Lie-N Den).