Renovation of the old bank building on 18th Street and Chester Avenue has captivated downtown Bakersfield for years, as its stucco facade was removed and its original form was restored. Now, it's open as The 18hundred, a new restaurant that our food columnist Pete Tittl says is "a worthy ten…

It is so great not just to see locally owned restaurants thriving, but going strong to the second generation and beyond, like Luigi’s, Uricchio’s and Jake’s Tex Mex Café, which is celebrating its 33rd year after Skip Slayton turned the reins over to his daughter Sarah.

Two small restaurant franchises recently opened stores in Bakersfield. One was returning after leaving us years ago, the other is blazing a new trail with locations at both the Valley Plaza and The Marketplace.

Very few topics get people going in Bakersfield than where to eat. Combine that with a downtown restaurant property that's been closely watched for signs of opening and you have quite the opening week buzz.

In the restaurant review world, readers seem to love the extremes: raves about a new place, particularly if they didn’t know about it, or the painful evisceration of a wretched restaurant that is stealing people’s money by offering swill at outrageous prices.

Easter is on its way and along with that Easter bunny, you're on the hunt for a place for you and the loved ones to dine. Luckily there are plenty of local restaurants and businesses ready to feed everyone ... who has reservations.

Those who think Bakersfield is just another meat-and-potatoes town ought to think again. Along with all those omnivores, we have a growing number of people following a plant-based diet. Most of those folks are likely to show up hungry for the first-ever Vegan Fest, promising an assortment of…

Opened this week, Dot x Ott is a story about passion homegrown in Bakersfield soil. Combine a couple who saw a need for a grocery option downtown with a farmer thrilled to bring her locally grown produce to a receptive audience through a seasonally driven menu for a recipe for success.

California has its official state nuts but if the Golden State were to widen the net to declare a state food, the case could be made for burritos. Delicious flavors wrapped up in warm tortilla ready for portable dining? Count us in. So it'll be quite the holiday Thursday for National Burrito…

Before we dive into chile verde and a fun Sunday for all, let's get one thing straight: This is not the last Amestoy's Chile Verde Cook-Off; it's just the last one at the longtime northeast watering hole.