In all the openings of great new barbecue places in recent years in Bakersfield, we were remiss in not reporting on a promising new place in Oildale, Smitty’s Smokin’ Brisket & BBQ.

In addition to reporting food news, I, like all humans, also eat. Often taking inspiration from the stories covered and restaurants previewed, I can be spotted out in the dining wild looking for the next great bite. Here's a look at what's been going on my plate lately.

It’s becoming pretty common now for food trucks to eventually morph into brick-and-mortar businesses, and northeast Bakersfield has one with Vatos Tacos Grill & Cantina.

Street food before beer, never fear. Beer before street food, watch your attitude. That's just a friendly consideration before heading to Saturday's first-ever Bakersfield Street Food & Craft Beer Festival.

Sol Y Luna has been in two locations in Bakersfield since they first opened downtown in 2013, and we’ve had mixed experiences. Loved the original (which closed in 2018), but when they opened a second in 2016 it was disorganized, unprofessionally operated and a distinct disappointment. More t…

Cubbies in the northwest has changed to Zeppo’s Pizza, going from Chicago-style deep dish to New York-style thin crust. While native New Yorkers like former Californian photographer John Harte may quibble with that, we found a lot to like during our visit.

An industry was saved when businesses and environmentalists decided to work together, rather than fight. And now Californians are being offered a feast of Pacific coastal fish that once faced extinction.

Finding a gift for the young adult in your life is no easy task. If they like to eat — and don't we all? — you can get them a gift card to a restaurant. Or if you're a proponent of that "teach a person to fish" saying, you can get them a class on how to cook for themselves.

Sometimes the biggest thing you want to give thanks for is having a place to celebrate Thanksgiving where you've guiltlessly left the cleanup to someone else. Here are some restaurants in town that are letting you off the hook for cooking and cleaning this holiday.

The never-ending pasta bowl wrapped up its 2019 run but Olive Garden has something new to comfort diners. On Monday, the chain will bring back its oven-baked pastas after introducing the dishes last year. 

editor's pick

The whole idea of going to Tehachapi for a day trip to try a couple of restaurants had its roots in word of mouth. People tell me, often via email, that I was missing out on some amazing food experiences if I didn’t visit Kohnen’s Country Bakery and Red House BBQ.

Although every day is a good one to celebrate those who did (or continue to) serve our country, Monday is a special day. Along with a parade and celebrations, many restaurants are recognizing Veterans Day by offering a free meal, food items or discount. So treat your favorite service member …

Those tiny restaurants that are hard to find but offer decent food are like hidden treasures. You’re so happy when you find them that it feels like you hit the jackpot on a slot machine.

The restaurant business is competitive, the pizza businesses is ultra-competitive and try being a successful, non-chain, locally owned pizza business. It’s tough. We used to have Sam’s Pizza Boat, Fat-T’s, more than one Pizzaville and others back when I arrived in 1980 but since then Domino’…