In troubling times, many are looking for ways to attain peace. Aiding you on that quest is a new book by a Bakersfield native. 

Jeff Simpson's "Health Mind Soul: 8 Steps to Finding Your Inner Peace" is for those who want to make real-life changes. 

While those are satisfied with the ordinary tend to make the same mistakes, Simpson's book aims to show people how to live life in the present and strive for greatness.

This book is about finding the best version of yourself by following eight steps: healthy living, relationships, finding passion in your career, meditation, law of attraction, gratitude and blessings, reading and journaling, and forgiveness and joy.

Simpson said these steps were milestones in a journey to find his inner peace. He was able to overcome his inner darkness — struggling with everyday life, emotions, health and wellness, divorces and depression — to a world filled with possibilities.

The eight steps are intended to guide readers through the learning and understanding of why each are important to their mental and physical being. Each chapter also includes a checklist to review what was already learned. 

Simpson hopes that readers take something meaningful from each chapter and apply it to their already amazing lives.

"This is your chance to live your most optimal life," he wrote.

"Health Mind Soul: 8 Steps To Finding Your Inner Peace" is available through Russo's Books, Barnes & Noble, and at

Simpson graduated from South High School in 1993. His parents and sister still live in Bakersfield.