The bride was driven to the chapel in a golf cart.

A minute later she walked down the aisle. In a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, the groom has already kissed the bride. 

When weddings are lightning-fast there is no room for screw-ups. Each member of the wedding partner had their role down to a tee. Flower girl and ring-bearer, Giuliana Heredia, 6, wasn't stressed about her task at all. She knew exactly what to do — throw some flower petals and hand off the rings. She did so with a vigor and enthusiasm that was unmatched.

This was just one of the many pop-up weddings held at the Kern County Museum on Valentine's Day.

The bridesmaid, Amanda Heredia, found the event through Facebook. Her sister-in-law wanted to do something special for Valentine's Day and what was more convenient than a pop-up wedding?

"It gives us time to celebrate the day," Amanda said.

This is the first time the Kern County Museum has hosted a series of pop-up weddings. The venue is no stranger to hosting weddings so it seemed like a no-brainer to make sure everyone got a chance for romance on Valentine's Day. The pop-up weddings were built on three principles — quick, easy and affordable, said Nicole Bolinger, the community engagement manager for the museum.

"This is the first time we've done it," Bolinger said. "People want to feel special today. It just makes sense."

Throughout the day, 12 weddings were held at the Saint John's Episcopal Mission on the museum grounds, each lasting just under 10 minutes. Afterward, the bride and groom went to the gazebo to slice some cake, hold a champagne toast and get their photos taken. The weddings cost just $250 and allowed for 10 guests.

"So many people are looking for something special to do on Valentine's Day," Bolinger said.

"This is the option between eloping and going off to Vegas," said events director Breena Charatsaris.

In the back of the chapel, Adam Deyoe sat ready to play the music cues. The DJ had a crucial role. The music set the entire tone for the special day. The tunes of Etta James and Sonny and Cher made every walk down the aisle feel like the beginning of a happily ever after.

Sitting through each of the weddings gave him a unique look at the personalities that come through with each wedding.

"Weddings are like snowflakes," Deyoe said. "No two are the same — what the bride wears, the music choice, the atmosphere. Each one is different."

Bowen West can be reached at 661-395-7660.

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I'm sure glad he dressed up in his best jeans! Not much respect for his bride, who looked like a show stopper.

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