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Young filmmakers like these will screen their short films at the Christian Youth Film Festival on Saturday and Sunday, where they'll compete for awards like best actor, best application of Scripture and best picture. 

If you're a movie fan who can't get enough of awards season but have already seen all of Hollywood's award-winning movies, there are some more critically acclaimed films heading to two local theaters this weekend.

The Christian Youth Film Festival returns downtown for two days of short films. On Saturday at 5 p.m., college division movies will screen at Ovation Theatre, while the teen division movies will screen at the Fox Theater on Sunday at 6 p.m.

Films will be awarded in categories including best picture, best cinematography, best actor and actress, best original score and best application of Scripture. 

Both days of the festival will include other special activities for the filmmakers, like seminars on Saturday with Hollywood Prayer Network founder Karen Covell; Jim Schmidt, producer of "Trade of Innocents"; Dean Batali, producer of "That '70s Show"; and TV and film composer Jim Covell.

On Sunday, filmmakers will enjoy a special VIP backstage dinner and discussion panel before the red carpet, which will precede the screening and awards ceremony. The evening will end with an ice cream after-party.

Below are the list of films in each division, with a short synopsis of each one.

College division

"Will You Be Silenced" (Micah Derksen of Saskatoon, Canada): Disheartened. In prison. A strange visit. Eight nominations. 

"Victorious" (John Hopper of Sydney): Josh and Daniel discover that fighting temptation is a battle worth fighting. Nine nominations. 

"Shadow" (Ethan Hatia of Chatsworth): A young woman has no need to fear because God is near. Six nominations. 

"Purgatorio" (Isaac Cow of Long Beach): A boy gives up on the Bible and attempts to entertain himself as he passes time in purgatory. Four nominations. 

"Purpose" (Micaiah Clark of Tehachapi): Thrown out of his house by his alcoholic father, a young man tries to find a place to stay while contemplating suicide. Three nominations. 

Teen division

"The Lost Cross" (Penelope Campbell of Legacy Christian Academy, Bakersfield): Two friends find a lost locket and restore their friendship. Six nominations.

"Tally" (Andrea Reade of Bakersfield Christian High School): A girl is befriended by a stray dog. One nomination.

"Wolf of the Blvd!" (Derek Loveless of Olive Knolls Christian Schools): A boy must figure out how to keep his friends from fighting. Three nominations. 

"Adversary" (Adam Whitney of Tehachapi): A young man is stalked by a stranger who becomes his ultimate adversary. Four nominations.

"Chosen" (Bethany Reinstedt of Lockwood): Amber must make a choice at great sacrifice. Eight nominations.

"First Aid Bible" (Steven James of Legacy Christian Academy, Bakersfield): A boy has the last Bible on earth. Should he keep it or toss it? Four nominations.

"Hear From You" (Grant Cowan of Tehachapi): A young man must defeat his own demons before he can find what he’s truly looking for. Three nominations.

"The Man From Gath" (Gabe and Josh Garcia of Bakersfield Christian High School): The story of David and Goliath as told as a western … if it were directed by Quentin Tarantino. Nine nominations.

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