No fair? No worries since the Bakersfield Art Association found a way for its members to still display their work.

Artists who would normally submit entries to the contest displayed in the art room at the Kern County Fair instead presented works for a BAA exhibit, "No Fair." 

A panel of BAA artists will judge submissions with ribbons awarded for each medium. There will also be a special best in show selected.

Participating artists are Karen King, Norma Eaton, Terry Hall, Robert Ross, Raul Holguin, Jim Bates, Marsha Black, Edwina Davis, Laura Best, Susan McQuerry, Laura Valenzuela, Mike Montalvo, Toni Lott, Iva Fendrick, Cheri Sperl and Diane Olmsted.

Works will be on display at the BAA Art Center, 1607 19th St., from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursdays through Saturdays.  

At Dagny's Coffee Co, artist Roline Loung Witt is exhibiting her work in October. 

Inspired by her artist mother, Witt took up sketching in her 60s, according to the BAA newsletter. Since she started sketching in May of 2013, on the plane to Hawaii to visit her in-laws, Witt has sketched many dogs and cats, which reflect her lifelong interest in animals.

She took up stained glass 12 years ago and now explores painting mediums such as oil, watercolor, pastel and silk (ink) painting. Her three daughters and husband, Gary, send her photographs she uses as reference for her depictions of animals and seascapes.

A collection of Witt's work is on display at Dagny's, 1600 20th St.