Extra! Extra! Ridgeview High, the first high school in Kern County to be granted permission to perform the show, is ready to debut its production Thursday. 

The rights were recently released for the smash Broadway hit based on the newsboys' strike of 1899 that thrills and amazes with its captivating story and brilliant music. Ridgeview freshman Jessie Magdaleno takes on the role of Jack Kelly, a natural-born leader who does all he can to survive and protect his family of newsies.

However, Joseph Pulitzer (portrayed by sophomore Grimm Gingras), owner of newspaper company The World, changes the price of newspapers to increase profits, with no regard of how it will affect the newsboys. Thus, the strike of the newsies against Pulitzer ensues with Jack leading and his two right-hand men, Crutchie (Logan Shearson) and Davey (Lucas Shearson), backing him up alongside the rest of the newsies.

Known for her impressive productions and dedication not only to the theater but to her students, director Jennifer Resolme has once again created an outstanding professional production, which overcomes the expectations of high school theater. Right behind her for the entire process were assistant student director Uriel Rodriguez and choreographer Megan Juarez, a Ridgeview alumnus who has been choreographing exciting and fresh new dances for numerous productions.

Additionally, the cast has received vocal direction from expert Char Gaines. While the orchestra, composed of Ridgeview's best musicians, is being conducted by Ridgeview music teacher Rob Martens.

As for the immersive set, it has been beautifully crafted by set designers Jason McClain and Bien Resolme, while the gorgeous costumes are being provided by Jennifer Keller from Fantasy Frocks. Opening night is Thursday, with two additional shows on Friday and Saturday at the Ridgeview auditorium. 

All of us from the "Newsies" team hope you enjoy our show, which will surely stop the presses.

— Xavier Carmona is a junior at Ridgeview.

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