Take the chill off the holiday season with Liberty High School's production of the heart-warming play "Snow Angel."

The play by David Lindsay-Abaire is set in the quiet town of modern day Deerpoint, Vt., which has been hit by the biggest blizzard in 107 years. While the children expect fun in the resulting snow day what they find is a mystery when a girl named Eva (portrayed by Kendria Cruz) appears. The reality of this lost girl baffles, divides and energizes the teens.

As told through journal entries, the kids go on a mission to find Eva’s home: Whitestone Farm. The progressing search for this farm eventually leads to the overarching question, what is Eva?

"Snow Angel" is the perfect show to bring family and friends, and, in the own words of assistant director Haylee Boyer, the show has “... a fun,yet mysterious feel that will keep people captivated with the incredible portrayal of both comedy and mystery.” This show is also unique, in that the meaning and outcome of the plot is up for interpretation.

Kenna Lindsey, who portrays Helen Spitzer in the show, explains this a little deeper, saying, “I think the audience should take the show and turn it into something that connects to them. No two audience members will have the same view because it is such a unique and abstract play. Come in with an open mind and the show is what you make of it.”

This show is guaranteed to keep you intrigued, make you laugh, and even possibly cry as you fall in love with each of the teens unique personality and quirks and watch as they unite together in a way they haven’t before. We hope to see you there!

Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show is at 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday at Liberty High School, 925 Jewetta Ave.

— Kendria Cruz is a student at Liberty High School

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