In the classic tale of Jekyll and Hyde, two distinct personalities clash, to the ruin of all involved. But when it comes to putting together a theatrical production — like “Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical,” opening Friday at Ovation Theatre — it's all about harmony.

"It takes an army to put on shows of this caliber," director Adam Cline wrote in an email.

He cites the fantastic costumes designed by Roger Upton, a set designed and built by his Ovation co-founder Hal Friedman, choreography by Kelci Cerri and sound design by Ken Burdick.

" ... This show is the definition of a true musical, " he said. "There are 32 musical numbers and interludes in this show. Ken Burdick has done an amazing job of making this show sounds like a 100 people on stage with only 24."

It's quite a crew Cline has pulled together. He was drawn to the material as a departure from his lighter musical choices.

 'Jekyll and Hyde' is very much a darker show than the normal 'Adam Cline show.' I was up to the challenge though!"

Finding his lead, who could play both the obsessed Dr. Henry Jekyll and his madman counterpart Edward Hyde, was a top priority for Cline.

"Being able to play two sides of the same person is much more difficult than just being the star of a show," Cline said. "From the walking to the talking we have delivered a stellar creation with Dominic Demay."

In this musical adaptation, those in Jekyll's life finds themselves interacting with both men, from the doctor's attorney and friend, John Utterson (David Allen Alvarez), and his loyal fiancee, Emma Carew (Chelsea Wittman), to the kind prostitute Mary (Amelia Mejia) who first crosses paths with him at his bachelor party.

The show also features Burdick as Emma's father and chairman of the hospital board, Rikk Cheshire, Tom Beavers, Tara Haner and Fred Cremer.

Cline said he is excited to bring "Hyde" to the stage this time of year.

He said, "It is Halloween and I do believe Bakersfield loves a good scare during this time of year. Their is something about watching a split personality come alive in a show like this one. Dominic does a great job of delivering the proper gentlemen Dr Jekyll and, within the same breath, he changes to Mr. Hyde. A dark and scary man."

After opening weekend, attendees can get in on the fun with a discount on admission if they come in costume, Cline said.

Along with some of the thrills, the director hopes audiences leave with a little food for thought on human nature.

"Good and evil do rest inside each of us, but it’s your choice on where you let your mind and spirit lead you on this journey we call life."

Stefani Dias can be reached at 661-395-7488. Follow her on Twitter at @realstefanidias.

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