Play On

The cast of Liberty High School's "Play On": standing, from left,Noah Walace-LaGue, Jade Ungar, Claire Harbour, Jacob Marshall and Gracee Chambers; and sitting, from left, Madelyn Layer, Mia Penrose, Cameron Hershey and Natalia Harris. The show runs Thursday through Saturday.

Liberty High's theater department is bringing the laughs this week with Rick Abbott’s "Play On."

A behind-the-scenes comedy in the tradition of "Noises Off," "Play On" focuses on an amateur theater group trying desperately to put on a play in spite of the maddening interference from a haughty authoress. The actors squabble, the tech goes awry and the author keeps rewriting the script! A recipe for a hit? Definitely not, but it is a recipe for side-splitting belly laughs!

Mia Penrose, who plays the imperious authoress Phyllis Montague, said, “This show really gets people incorporated and engaged in the show because they can't help but laugh at the flubbed moments in the play.”

The troupe rehearses and performs a murder mystery play in this show within a show that perfectly illustrates the old theatrical adage: If anything can go wrong, it will!

Jade Ungar, who plays Aggie Manville, expressed, “The entire cast are all very passionate about it, and we are putting all of our energy into this spectacular play!”

Liberty High School’s cast can’t wait to perform this beautiful “theatrical disaster” and to bring the audience along with them in this “wacky” adventure.

Cameron Hershey, playing Henry Benish, believes the show overall is a “bonding experience with the audience and the cast. It’s great to do a show with good friends and be able to let loose and feel free to let the comedy live.”

If you like a good laugh, don't miss it!

Performances are at 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday with a 2 p.m. matinee Saturday at Liberty, 925 Jewetta Ave.

Liberty High student Melody Trujillo is a performer in and assistant director of "Play On."

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