Check Please

The Girl (Madelyn Layer) struggles to get through a blind date with Alex the Pirate (Cameron Hershey) in a scene from "Check Please," coming to Liberty High School.

Blind dates can be many things — intimidating, boring, maybe even perfect — but in Jonathan Rand’s "Check Please," coming to Liberty High, they are downright hilarious.

Imagine you’re on a date and it’s going perfectly, he’s funny, he’s sweet, and you have so many things in common. Too much in common actually, because he ends up being your cousin. Or your blind date shows up and brings her work with her to the date; normally not a huge issue — except she’s a mime. These blind dinner dates and many others will be showcased in the Liberty High production May 1 to 3.

"Check Please" is a light-hearted and funny show that delves deep into the hilarious horrors of blind dating. Directed by theatre teacher Perry Ware, this show is done in two amazing acts, each focusing on a different Guy and Girl. Guy 1 (Jake O’Connell) and Girl 1 (Kendria Cruz) go on back-to-back dates throughout Act 1, while Guy 2 (Noah Wallace-Lague) and Girl 2 (Madelyn Layer) do the same for Act 2.

Jenna Sampley, who plays Melanie, a raging Chicago Bears fan, says of the show, “I love it! This has been the most unique show I have ever been a part of. Each and every scene would draw some laughs on its own but they get even better when we perform them all together.”

Michael Sanchez, who plays Ken, a guy with a weird accent who is way too flirty, is impressed with how well put together the show is. He said, "Even the new people who have never done shows with us are doing so well and the chemistry of the whole cast is so amazing.”

Jacob Marshal, who stars as Mark, a man who claims the burlap sack he wears is Versace, said, “I’ve had a great time being a part in this crazy world of dating and I know that everyone will enjoy the show as much as I have in preparing and performing this wonderfully funny show.”

This is certainly a show that nobody is going to want to miss.

Performances of "Check Please" will be held May 1 to 3 at Liberty, 925 Jewetta Ave. Doors open at 7 p.m., show starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $7, $6 for students.

Wyatt Norton is a student at Liberty High School.

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