Liberty Wait Until Dark

Roat (Wyatt Norton) threatens Susy Hendrix (Kendria Cruz) in a scene from "Wait Until Dark," playing this week at Liberty High School.

In need of a heart-racing thriller? Something that’ll keep you on your toes? Then head to Liberty High School this week for “Wait Until Dark," a masterfully constructed thriller that moves from one moment of suspense to another as it builds toward an electrifying, breath-stopping final scene.

Written by Frederick Knott, this tense drama centers on a blind girl, alone in a Greenwich Village apartment, is stalked by vicious drug smugglers. A cool-as-ice criminal, Roat (Wyatt Norton), and two petty crooks have traced the location of a mysterious doll to the apartment of photographer Sam Hendrix (Jackson Napier), and his blind wife, Susy (Kendria Cruz). Persuaded by a woman at the Montreal Airport to take the doll to New York, Sam had no idea of its value or the dangerous content hidden just beneath the seams.

When a woman’s dead body is found near the Hendrixes' apartment, a diabolical charade ensues. Sam is lured away from the apartment, and Susy is left alone to cope with the conspirators. Suspense builds as Susy is ensnared in a dangerous scheme that threatens her well-being, as well as  Gloria (Dakota Seaton), the little girl upstairs.

Norton, who plays the criminal tormentor, says of the production, “This show is so intense, and so well-written, that I get chills every time we run it, and we have run it a lot! People will definitely be on the edge of their seats the entire time.”

Bennett Bias, the show’s assistant director, concurs: “This show will captivate you and suck you in with its edge-of-the-seat thrilling nature. It's definitely one you don’t want to miss.”

Join us as we all wait until dark, for that is when the sightless are as capable as the blind. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday at Liberty High School’s Performing Arts Center, 925 Jewetta Ave. Tickets are $7, $5 for students. 

Kendria Cruz, who plays Susy in the show, is a senior at Liberty High School.

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