As with so many other events, First Friday this month will be a much more solitary endeavor, but it doesn't need to be solemn. In lieu of a gallery opening, Bubble Pop Gallery will host an Online Pop Up Party via Instagram Live Friday afternoon.

Gallery curator Ashleymarie Sey Lively said she knew since there wouldn't be a traditional show, she wanted to do something fun via social media.

"I asked a handful of artists to see if they had time or were interested," she wrote in an email. "I wanted to get a variety of various artists to feature so we could display different artists and their various styles and careers and fun art demos."

Lively will go live on Instagram from the gallery's account ( at 1 p.m. with a packed lineup that will go into the evening.

1 p.m.: Meet Trader Brandon, aka Brandon Kleyla, artist and author of "The Field Guide to Tiki Decorating."

2 p.m.: Interview with artist Butternut Gouache, aka Erin Lefler, a licensed Lucasfilms LTD and Marvel merchandise artist.

3 p.m.: Live art session with Annie McBeth, aka Annie Hobbs, an ink and paint artist for the Walt Disney Company.

4 p.m.: Art tutorial with Guilli "Munster" Garcia, an artist and professional tattooer.

5 p.m.: Interview with Artifex Imaging, Raquel Olague, an artist and photographer.

6 p.m.: Art demonstration with Coppertop Ink, also known as Lauren Kurtz, a Los Angeles-based illustrator and artist.

7 p.m.: Meet Eva Lacy, a cartoonist who works under the creative moniker Critterosity.

"This is purely to showcase artists, their journey and how they work and show demos to encourage other creatives out there," Lively wrote of the party. "Most artists have stores and are selling things independently on their own, so we encourage those who are interested to visit their personal pages after to shop and support!"

Those who follow along will also have a chance for some giveaways. Lively said a secret word will be thrown out during the live story for people to comment for a chance to win. Seven random winners will be chosen through the party.

Lively promises "one heck of a party" for Tiki Bubble Beach Party 3, which was April's planned show and is postponed until it's safe for public gatherings. She is also accepting artist portfolios for future shows and urges interested artists to email

"We are looking at other options and possibilities should the situation call for a longer distance time. Which is fine, that is what we do as artists, we adapt!"

Stefani Dias can be reached at 661-395-7488. Follow her on Twitter at @realstefanidias.

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