In an effort to bring college closer to home for Wasco residents, Bakersfield College announced it will offer adult education courses, advising, counseling, matriculation support and plans to offer complete services in the future at the Wasco Adult Education Center.

Currently, 10 BC class sections are being offered in Wasco with more to be added as needed and space is available.

The Wasco Adult Education Center now offers courses for Wasco residents due to the partnership between Bakersfield College and Wasco Union High School District. At the Feb. 8 ribbon cutting, attendees were introduced this new partnership and the educational opportunities now being offered to residents.

Wasco enrollment has doubled from fall 2018 to spring 2019 due to community support. The Wasco Adult Education Center allows for the possibility of short-term certificates to be offered such as Child Development Certificates and will serve generally underserved adult populations in a rural area with high poverty rate.

EMLS (English for Multilingual Student) courses are among the courses planned to be offered at the center as part of the BC Adult Education program. Adult Education students at the Wasco Adult Education Program will be able to have a seamless transition from their secondary program into BC post-secondary programs (one of primary goals of Adult Education).

“BC’s partnerships like this one with Wasco Adult Education Center and the Wasco Union High School District is all about leveling out the playing field for the residents of our rural communities, bringing college closer to them, and granting them equal access to a college education,” said Abel Guzman, executive director of Rural Initiatives for Bakersfield College.

The classroom space at the Wasco Adult Education Center includes a complete computer lab for students to work on assignments and a lounge area for students to complete their studies. Staff from Bakersfield College, including the adult education program manager, student support specialists and academic liaison, will be primarily staffing the center with counselors and advisors available by appointment.

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