The second Delano location of Starbucks should be opening very soon, said Paul Lu, director of public relations for YK America.

Right next door at the Delano Marketplace, a Hawaiian barbecue restaurant's lease is still being hammered out, said Lu, whose company is developing both the Delano Marketplace and The Vineyard center across the street, anchored by the Delano Maya 12 Cinemas.

The Aldi's Market, which broke ground in the fall, is also expected to open later this year.

Despite a drop in the retail store market, because of the popularity of online retailers like Amazon, Lu said at least one sports equipment retailer is in discussions at The Vineyard. It would join a Juice It Up smoothies franchise, which have provided juices and fruit bowls for more than 23 years.

The Delano location is listed on the website but without store hours.

Lu said 14 other businesses are in negotiations with YK America about possibly locating to one of the two Delano developments. But because they are still negotiating, he can't reveal any names until paperwork is signed. But he said they were a mix of sit-down and drive thru businesses.

"I can tell you a Filipino restaurant and two Mexican-themed restaurants are interested in possibly coming here," Lu said. "Along with a tea bar, that would serve various teas and light meals."

"We've had a lot of interest in the past few months because how nice the new buildings are, and because there is a great movie cinemas with the Maya," Lu said.

When asked about possibly bringing in a Chili's or Applebee's-type restaurant, Lu said those business representatives are seeking bigger cities and larger populations.

"That's why YK America is bringing in more housing," he said. "Those folks count rooftops."


If you are interested in opening a business in The Delano Marketplace or The Vineyard, also know as the Maya Plaza, please contact Paul Lu, Director of Public Relations, YK America at 626.444.6668 or online at

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