The McFarland High School Cougars remain undefeated as they beat Kern Valley High Broncs in a shootout victory, 47-34.

The Cougars are now 4-0 heading into South Sequoia League play and are coming off a game displaying their strengths as well as weaknesses, with their defense having a lackluster performance, but their offense scoring almost at will.

McFarland got on the board first with a blocked punt leading to a touchdown by middle linebacker Raul Espinoza. However, Kern Valley would answer right back with a score of its own, marching down the field and punching one in tying the game 7-7.

McFarland would show a response of its own as well, scoring another touchdown on the ensuing drive. The Cougars would continue this throughout the game, never trailing at any point of the game. The Broncs would make it close, tying the game once again at 14 after a long touchdown pass.

Before the first quarter ended the Cougars would add yet another touchdown, reclaiming the lead 21-14.

As the second quarter began, the Broncs quickly added a touchdown to tie the game at 21 once again, but this time, McFarland would regain the lead and keep it for the remainder of the game, scoring again to go up 27-21 at the half.

In the second half, McFarland would strike first despite the Broncs receiving the opening kickoff. After a long touchdown pass from Cougar quarterback Julian Avila, McFarland made it 33-21.

The comfortable lead would be cut down fast, however, as Kern Valley scored a long touchdown, making it 33-27.

Even in the fourth quarter, scoring was not over. McFarland scored two more touchdowns to match Kern Valley's, making the final score 47-34.

With the power in which their offense can score, McFarland's playoff hopes are very much alive.

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