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Man found guilty of murder in 2019 shooting

On March 10, a Kern County Superior Court jury found Carlos Carrillo guilty of the murder of Arturo Galvan, along with various other charges, including gun and narcotics sales charges.

Carrillo’s sentencing is pending.

According to the Delano Police Department, on June 16, 2019, at 10:16 p.m., Galvan was riding inside a pickup truck with two other people. Upon stopping in the 2300 block of Rounds Street, a vehicle pulled up alongside Galvan’s vehicle.

The passenger of this vehicle shot at Galvan’s vehicle, striking him multiple times, police said. The victim and suspect vehicle collided and became entangled. The suspect driver then accelerated the vehicle, but this caused the suspect vehicle to fishtail, causing the shooter/passenger to be tossed from the vehicle. This action propelled the shooter/passenger down and into the curb, striking his head, DPD reported.

The impact knocked out the shooter and the driver picked him up, placed him back into his vehicle and fled. Blood from the suspect was collected and sent to the Kern Regional Crime Laboratory for DNA analysis. This analysis revealed the suspect/shooter to be Carlos Carrillo, 34, of Delano.

On March 24, 2020, after an investigation, Carrillo was arrested for the homicide of Galvan, along with other charges. A search of Carrillo’s home was conducted, and Delano police said they found guns, narcotics, and signs of narcotics sales within the residence.