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Delano Police Cpl. Jose Madrigal was presented with the Top Fundraiser Award by the American Cancer Society for his efforts in the Real Men Wear Pink campaign.

Delano Police Cpl. Jose Madrigal was presented with the Top Fundraiser Award by the American Cancer Society for his efforts in the Real Men Wear Pink campaign.

Madrigal spearheaded a campaign that raised $11,455, which is a Kern County record for the Real Men Wear Pink campaign.

"Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign," Madrigal said.

Real Men Wear Pink participants raise awareness and money to fight breast cancer, Madrigal said. As a Real Men Wear Pink candidate, all candidates committed to wearing pink throughout October, raising awareness for the cause through their social media networks and raising a minimum of $2,500 to help the American Cancer Society fight breast cancer.

"It was truly an honor to represent the city of Delano in the Real Men Wear Pink campaign in Kern County," he said. "I was fortunate enough to have the complete support of then-Mayor Joe Aguirre and the rest of the (Delano) City Council, who even went as far as proclaiming the city of Delano and surrounding areas a Real Men Wear Pink community during the Month of October 2019."

"Also, I would like to send a special thank you to City Manager Maribel Reyna and Chief of Police Robert Nevarez who allowed me to use my platform to raise funds and awareness for the campaign," Madrigal added. He is also thankful for his co-workers and residents who supported the fundraiser.

Madrigal said knowing that the funds raised are being used to combat this deadly disease is a reward in and of itself and receiving a plaque from the American Center Society is special.

Delano Police Chief Robert Nevarez said he is very proud of the entire department that came together to raise funds for a very important cause.

"Corporal Madrigal was instrumental in organizing the efforts of the department," the chief said. "Both he and members of the department are already working on new, innovative ideas to increase our support for next year."

Back in October 2019, the department met with Sergio Herrera of Perko’s, and his father, Pastor Herrera, and asked if they could host the Serving for a Cure event at their restaurant. They immediately said yes.

“It was so humbling to have the support of the community and meeting people who fought the disease and won and some who were currently battling the disease,” Madrigal said. “The Perko’s staff was so welcoming and patient with us as we learned what it takes to do what they do, day in and day out."

At the end of the day, their combined efforts garnered more than $2,300 for the Real Men Wear Pink campaign.

Last month at Navarro’s Barber Shop, Delano police officers had their beards shaved off as part of its No Shave November fundraiser for cancer. At the end of the day, officers presented a big check of $1,300 to the American Cancer Society.

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