La Vina Middle School Top 20 Scholars

La Vina Middle School’s top 20 eighth-graders were honored during graduation ceremonies. Pictured are (from left): Kosta Alindajao, Reynelle Aricheta, Aiden Baldoz, Katherine Cardenas, Gurnoor Bhatti, Alyanna Cooper, Juan Carlos Centeno, Morrison Dobere, Janelle Cruz, Samara King, Ezekiel Ignacio, Emily Melero, Santos Maldonado, Yly Paraiso, Alan Menchaca, Aubrey Ruanto, Ryan Rojas, Calvin Uclaray and Karanbir Sunner. Not pictured: Alnawwar Alhassan.

Kosta Alindajao: Kosta will attend CCHS in the fall, and following high school, he plans to attend law school and work as an attorney. As an LVMS Eagle, Kosta maintained honor roll all three years and served as an elected ASB officer. This formally trained jujitsu artist offers these words of wisdom: “Work, then rest.”

Aiden Baldoz: Aiden participated in band for three years, GATE for two years and wrestled for La Vina Middle School. Aiden will attend school in Bakersfield next year, and following high school graduation, Aiden would like to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, followed by law school and eventually work as a lawyer. Aiden reminds us that “hard work pays off and practice makes permanent.”

Katherine Cardenas: Katherine is a future CCHS Titan who has her eye on Stanford University where she will study law. Katherine is the ASB president and was nominated as a Student of the Year candidate. Katherine would like to thank her parents and family for their support and her teachers for being positive influences and encouraging her to be a better student.

Alyanna Angel Cooper: Following graduation from Cesar Chavez High School, Alyanna would like to pursue a bachelor’s degree in music. Alyanna’s love for music is apparent through her participation in the Kern County Honor Choir, Delano Honor Band and her recognition as a Delano Music Memorial Scholarship recipient. As a music advocate, Alyanna wants us all to know that the she believes “marching band is a sport!”

Morrison Dobere: This future CCHS Titan plans to work as an engineer one day. Morrison would like attend Stanford or MIT and then complete an MBA at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Morrison is multitalented and his extracurricular activities include band, piano, Math Team, GATE and several chess tournaments each year. Morrison’s hard work and dedication have also earned him a unique bragging right: He solves a Rubik’s Cube in about 20 seconds.

Samara Janae Idolyantes King: Samara plans to attend USC following graduation from CCHS and would like to continue her participation in volleyball. Samara’s successes were evident in and out of the classroom. She is an honors student and a league champ athlete. Samara would like to give a shout out to all the parents who made it through school WITHOUT Google!

Emily Melero: This future CCHS Titan has her career goals set on becoming a lawyer after graduation from Stanford University. Emily is adorned with six medals that she received at the eighth-grade awards ceremony. Her recognitions included academics, sports and extracurricular activities. Emily would like to thank her friends and family for the unconditional love and support they give her.

Yly Iraola Paraiso: Following graduation from CCHS, Yly plans to attend UCLA where he will study neuroscience. Yly participated in the Kern County Honor Orchestra and Delano Honor Band. Yly and Albert Einstein remind us that “a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” Yly would like to thank his mom and dad for everything!

Aubrey Ruanto: La Vina’s ASB vice president will attend CCHS this fall, and following high school graduation, Aubrey would like to attend UCLA to major in psychology and minor in performing arts. Aubrey would like to thank the students and staff of La Vina Middle School for making her time as an Eagle memorable, and she thanks her family for all of the love and support they provide.

Calvin Nichollas Uclaray: Calvin, a talented instrumentalist, plans to continue his participation with band while enrolled at CCHS. Following high school, he plans to attend a university and eventually work as a nurse practitioner. Calvin reminds us all that “when times are tough, stay strong.”

Reynelle Leila Aricheta: Reynelle will attend DHS in the fall and her plans after high school include enrolling at UC Davis and eventually working as a veterinarian. Reynelle received perfect attendance for all three years in middle school and was a successful two-sport athlete. Reynelle reminds us that “life is a novel. You can’t begin your next chapter in life if you keep rereading the previous one.”

Gurnoor Bhatti: Gurnoor is a future CCHS Titan. Following high school, Gurnoor would like to attend Harvard and eventually pursue a career in law. Gurnoor represented Delano back-to-back in the county Henry Greeve Speech Contest, was a winner in the Writers of Kern Essay contest and throughout middle school, Gurnoor brought home numerous awards in oral language.

Juan Carlos Centeno: Juan Carlos is a future CCHS Titan who plans to attend Cornell University following high school graduation and eventually work as a lawyer. Juan Carlos was a participant in ASB all three years and was voted the 2017-2018 Student of the Year by the staff of La Vina Middle School. Juan Carlos shares these words of wisdom by Ryan Blair: “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find excuses.”

Janelle Maricar Cruz: Janelle will be attending school in Bakersfield in the fall, and following high school graduation, Janelle plans to attend NYU and pursue a career in journalism. Janelle was successful both in and out of the classroom. She played basketball and volleyball and was named this year’s MVP for varsity volleyball. Janelle reminds us that “people will forget what you said. People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Ezekiel Ignacio: This future CCHS Titan plans to work as a pharmacist one day after attending UCLA. Ezekiel was a three-year participant on the Math Team and placed every year at the county competition in the Mad Hatter. Ezekiel knows that hard work pays off and reminds us that the journey of a thousand miles being with one step. He also knows that everything is OK in the end. If it’s not OK, it’s not the end.

Santos Cipriano Maldonado Jr.: Santos is headed to CCHS in the fall, and following his years as a Titan, Santos plans to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and eventually pursue a career as a chemical engineer. Santos was a Math Team member and a trumpet section leader for band. Santos would like to thank all of his teachers (especially the math teachers), his friends and his family for supporting him throughout middle school.

Alan Menchaca: Alan is a future CCHS Titan who plans to continue his educational success and graduate high school with honors. Alan plans to attend college and eventually have a successful career. Alan received several awards, including honor roll and Student of the Trimester. Alan would like to remind all of us to “stay in school and don’t do drugs.”

Ryan Rojas: Following graduation from CCHS, Ryan would like to attend UCLA and eventually work as a neurosurgeon. Ryan was recognized as a Student of the Trimester each year and also participated on championship basketball and baseball teams. Ryan would like to thank his parents for their support and shares the words of wisdom often spoken to him by his dad: “The difference between the wise man and the fool is the wise man learns from his mistakes.”

Karanbir Sunner: Karanbir is a future CCHS Titan who plans to attend MIT and work as a computer engineer. Karnabir received Principal’s Honor Roll every trimester, earned first place in the district science fair two years in a row and placed first in the county math competition in the Power Relay.

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