All parents want to give their children the greatest opportunity to succeed in school and in life, but often in small rural communities prospects are limited.

Recognizing the need for stronger early childhood education programs, California passed the Kindergarten Readiness Act in 2010, which brought transitional kindergarten to schools across the state.

With the introduction of transitional kindergarten, sometimes called TK, California has begun to see marked improvement in the kindergarten readiness gap between low-income and higher-income students.

The McFarland Unified School District is preparing to build upon its long-standing tradition of providing high caliber early childhood education through the expansion of TK at all district elementary schools.

The district will be doubling the number of available TK classes at each of its schools and will be expanding the reach of these classes by adding an early transitional kindergarten, ETK, class to reach students whose birth date makes them ineligible for TK.

These ETK and TK classes in McFarland are available to parents at no cost and are full day programs that focus on kindergarten readiness, including social skills and literacy.

These classes are enrolling now and are available to students in McFarland and the surrounding communities.

Kindergarten: Children born on or before Sept. 1, 2014

TK: Children born Sept. 2, 2014 - Dec. 2, 2014

ETK: Children born between Dec. 3, 2014 - June 2015

Contact the McFarland Learning Center at 661-792-6758 to get your child enrolled and on their way to school success.

Aaron Resendez is the superintendent for the McFarland Unified School District.

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