As the current school year moves along during the COVID-19 pandemic, the upcoming high school sports season looks to be on track to begin in January.

A multitude of recent events factor into a positive outlook on the upcoming season. These include Kern County’s declining COVID-19 cases and statements from CIF commissioner Ryan Tos.

The most prominent of these recent events comes from our county, with Kern facing the possibility of moving to the lower red tier on the COVID-19 scale. The move affects Kern County in multiple ways, with a notable change being the allowance of Kern schools to conduct in-person classes two weeks after entering the red tier.

This is great news to those parents and students who wish to return to school, and is even better news for student-athletes hoping to return to practice.

An even better indicator of the season staying on track is the Kern High School District’s approval for its high schools to begin conditioning. The board unanimously decided to allow their high schools to begin conditioning as early as Oct. 26.

This decision sets a precedent for Delano’s high school district board to do the same. With the city meant to follow county and area guidelines, Delano seems to be following suit.

Even more good news came from a radio interview of CIF Central Section Commissioner Ryan Tos, who appeared on ESPN 940 based out of Fresno.

Tos talked about multiple subjects, with the biggest takeaways being how the season is still on track to begin in January, but no sooner. He also expressed his satisfaction in the Central Valley’s improvement in COVID-19 cases.

With COVID-19 on the decline, the prospective season looks to be coming smoothly. And it serves as a signal of hope for a return to normalcy.