Students and parents at Delano Union School District’s Fremont Elementary School will be able to share their love for reading and literacy one Saturday morning a month through a new program started at the school’s library this academic year.

“We had a great turnout for our first Saturday,” Fremont Principal Teresa Cushnyr said.

The program began Saturday, Aug. 18, with between 30 and 35 students and parents attending, and will follow a schedule throughout the year. Most months will be the third Saturday, but the schedule was modified when other district events fell on those Saturdays.

Cushnyr said that parents are able to choose books and sit in the comfortable chairs in Fremont’s library. There are books from which the families can choose from are in English and Spanish. Students are also able to take Accelerated Reader quizzes on the computers in the library, which were also available to older siblings of the students who attend middle school.

“This will help increase interest between parents and their children in literacy,” Cushnyr said.

The decision to open the library one Saturday a month was decided by the school through the School Site Council. With ties to literacy and parent involvement, Cushnyr stated that it was justified to use Title I funds to fund the program, which includes a librarian to assist in the library on those Saturdays.

The principal noted the strong interest in the program after talking to a father who brought his primary-grade daughter to the library.

“Dad stated that his daughter woke him up at 7:30,” Cushnyr said, “and was not going to allow him to sleep in because they had to be at the library at 8 a.m.”

Mike Bledsoe is the director of child development services for Delano Union School District.

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