Two competition trips for the Robert F. Kennedy High cheerleaders have been approved by the school board of the Delano Joint Union High School District.

Cheer coach Natalie Fragoso, with chaperones and students, will take part Jan. 17-19 in the regional cheerleading competition at Agoura Hills.

The cheer squad, coach and chaperones will also travel Feb. 13-17 to the National Cheerleading competition in Anaheim. Both trips are contingent on fundraising, said Fragoso.

The school board also approved submission of the Special Olympics Unified Champion School Annual Work plans for Cesar E. Chavez and Robert F. Kennedy high schools; a contractor service agreement with the Kern County Superintendent of Schools for the TUPE Tier II program for the current school year; an agreement with DataWorks to provide professional development at Robert F. Kennedy High, not to exceed $3,485; a consultant agreement with Thinking Maps Inc. for a one-day training and materials at Cesar E. Chavez High in the amount of $2,517.16; the Agriculture Advisory Committee roster for the current school year; and the clinical site agreements with Alpha Dynamic Physical Therapy, Central Valley Occupational, Hometown Dental, Dr. Park, Dr. Salmassi, Dr. Sharma Rahul, Dr. Suesberry, Dr. Don Victor Zapanta and Valley Imaging for the 2019-20 and 2020-2021 school years.

The school board approved several new textbooks as well as the sale of tax-defaulted property on March 16-18 by the treasurer-tax collector of Kern County.

The school board rejected a claim for damages against the district.


Tickets for the 56th annual Delano Sports Dinner are now available from directors of the Greater Delano Area Youth Foundation. The dinner and awards night will take place Feb. 29 at the Delano Elks Club.

Chief speaker will be Mario Millan, the head football coach at Robert F. Kennedy High School. He is also the superintendent of the Richgrove School District.

The Thunderbird varsity football team in 2018 was section champion and the past fall won a first-round game in the Division IV playoffs before falling in the second round.

The $15 dinner tickets are for a steak dinner meal prepared by director David Turnipseed and a volunteer cooking/kitchen crew.

In addition to the speaker, a Person of the Year will be revealed as well as a Special Award recipient.

Proceeds from the dinner and the $25 annual memberships all go to local youth projects and programs.


A letter to the Delano City Council has been composed by junior English students at Delano High School, who have expressed concern with the safety of the city’s water supply. The best letter composed in the class is being sent to the council.

With the city water bill an informational sheet on the water system was provided citizens. “Our water system recently failed a drinking water standard,” said the letter. “Although this is not an emergency, as our customers, you have a right to know what you should do, what happened, and what we are doing to correct this situation.”

The student letter selected asks “how is this NOT a concern?” The writer asks who are the “few” people who are at risk for cancer? “Isn’t that all of us, isn’t the entire city at risk?”

“Where is the concern for students who drink fountain water and the water comes out foggy and tasting like chemicals. What concern do you show for the ones who don’t have access to an alternative water supply?”

The letter to citizens says the city is taking steps to provide water with 1, 2, 3-trichloropropane below the MCL. The letter adds that to achieve that will “take time and money. We have a plan for achieving compliance with the MCL by July 2021. The plan requires us to achieve compliance by no later than July 13, 2021, which we believe is the earliest feasible date considering the complexity of the plan and the estimated amount of funds required.”

The letter stated that those people who must receive the notification, including schools which must notify school employees, students and parents (if the students are minors).

A few years back, the city, with backing of a committee, sought an additional 1 cent sales tax for the city and outlined three areas that would benefit from the tax increase.

After a year or two, the council asked the city attorney if the city had to use the money for the specified three areas. The city attorney reported the council could spend the money as it wished, and only about one-third of the extra tax ended up going to the three areas specified on the ballot.

The 1 cent sales tax was again voted by taxpayers, but I don’t recall there being any specific areas where the funds should be spent.

Maybe the City Council should put all that money into solving the city’s water issue. Or will the city determine a bond issue is necessary instead?


Snow Ball is the theme of the winter formal 2020 from 7 to 10 p.m. Jan. 25 at the Robert F. Kennedy High School gymnasium.

The event is hosted by and open to students at Cesar E. Chavez, Delano and Robert F. Kennedy high schools.

Entertainment will be Jaime y Ferny and the DJ Takey Take.

Tickets will be sold from Jan. 14 to 23 for $20 per person. There will be no tickets sold at the door.

Student requirements are a parent permission slip, attendance clearance and discipline office clearance.


Awards for fall sports have been announced at Cesar E. Chavez High School.

For volleyball, the varsity Most Valuable Player was Marisol Rivera, Nolani Espiritu as the Most Improved and Samara King receiving the Titan Award. Beverly Walker was JV MVP and Hannah Villaruz was recipient of the Coaches Award. Rachel Dumlao Arellano was MVP for frosh-sophs, with Mia Veloria receiving the Coaches Award.

Ely DeLeon was MVP for varsity golf, Daisy Medina was the Most Improved and Aaliyah Robles earned the Coaches Award.

For girls tennis, Annalia Castrejon was varsity MVP, Areeana Campos was the Most Improved and Liane Domingo was the recipient of the Coaches Award.

For JV girls tennis, Mailee Francisco was MVP, and Sara Vargas was the Most Improved.

In cross country, Eliezer Sanchez was the MVP, Israel Sanchez won the Heart of Gold award and Santos Montemayor won the Coaches Award.

Andrew Celaya was the Commitment Award winner, and Alejandro Servin received the Most Improved for JV boys cross country.

Mikaela Ortega was MVP for varsity girls cross country.


Drivers need to be alert when the high school and elementary school district students return to the classroom on Jan. 14.

Many students will have their eyes focused on their cell phones or other gadgets and will not be aware of any motor vehicles.

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