Delano’s Relay for Life has not given up its hopes of having the event sometime this year.

Even with the original April 18 date canceled, team captains continue to collect funds. The goal for this year’s event was $100,000, and up to the end of March more than $40,000 had been earned through projects of the various teams.


Aidan Garaygordobil, a 2019 Delano High graduate and contributor of sports to The Record, is completing — online — his freshman year at Fresno State. He is majoring in history and journalism.

The 18-year-old son of Gene and Maria Garaygordobil has been a sports reporter and social media writer for the college’s athletic department.

For the fall Dog Days orientation, he has been tabbed one of the leaders to assist incoming freshmen. He is also working with the committee in planning the fall Homecoming.

The Garaygordobil’s daughter, Alysa, is one of the “victims” of not being able to complete an active senior year. The Delano High graduate-to-be, said her mom, could at least take part in a walk-on-the-field ceremony in caps and gowns, either before school starts in the fall or shortly after. The earlier the better because most high school seniors will be off to college in the fall.


One of the calls I have received “checking on me” was from Tina Campos, former Delano High head cheerleader and later a district employee in the migrant department and for several years the coach of the Delano High cheerleaders.

Now Tina Fernandez, she informed me that she had a new job in Visalia where as the secretary to the custodial department at a school or district there. She also is still active in working with United Spirit Association competitive events that take place all over the Western states. She described how at a planning meeting early in the year, she brought up concerns about the virus in China, and most people attending seemed unconcerned because they never thought it would enter the United States.


Another call came from Cathy Hocking, asking if I would like some fruit that her husband, Steve, was picking on their acreage along County Line Road.

That same day she delivered a variety of fruit and a dozen eggs, all of which I appreciated very much.

I first met Steve when he was a member of the Little League baseball team that I coached with Monte Marshall. Steve was a catcher primarily, but we also used him to pitch.

His dad, by the way, was a sixth grade teacher at Cecil Avenue School. I remember at the start of the one year I taught at Cecil before being drafted that I was planning for the coming school year and was asking veteran teachers about various textbooks. I was warned not to use the math book because Bill had finished with that seventh grade book during the students’ sixth grade year. Bill also coached the Rotary Little League team up until I returned from the military. At Cecil, Bill had a fabulous record of coaching various teams. No matter what the material, his teams were always successful.

As for Cathy, she was on the yearbook staff that I instructed at Delano High and she was the champion salesperson for yearbooks.


The single day that I have gone outside to take weeds out of the cracks in the cement, I must have forced a rip in the knees of my pants. My first thought was that I had to throw away the pants. I still did that, even though I was thinking that if the pants were ripped, they would be in style with the pants that I see students wearing these days.


Kiwanis Club has suspended its meetings, said Arnold Morrison, and he agreed with me that there probably would be no Fourth of July fireworks show this year.


When President Trump called on leaders of the major sports leagues, I was pleased with his thought that the National Football League would start on time in the month of September.

But then I was sad when Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that he would be surprised if professional football began in California on time.

If professional football is put on hold, I assume that college and high school sports in California would also not start on time — or at all.

There is a fear, I understand, that even if schools start on time and everything begins to return to normal, that possibly the coronavirus outbreak would erupt again once summer is past. What a terrible thought that is!

I was thinking to myself that if that were the case and a vaccine was not available for a year to a year and a half as predicted by some, our entire day-to-day lives could be adversely affected.

I was thinking that maybe a dad and/or mom could be driving a youngster around (if there is still a need for cars for individuals) and the parent could be pointing at a school and say, “There is what was once called a school. That was a place where young people went each week day to meet with a teacher and learn. That was before all instruction for young people went to online learning. Also, that place called a school was where we used to have sports teams, Homecomings, bands, choirs and other special activities.”

Maybe clothing, food and other items would all be purchased online and delivered to our homes. There would be no need to have an automobile because there would be no place to go. Family “gatherings” might be limited to 10 or less, and we would all have to sit apart and eat apart. Maybe each family within the large family would have to draw straws to see who could go to the gathering for birthdays, holidays and special family occasions.


I am getting so bored at home that I might just get in my car and drive around town with no specific destination.

At home I have gone through boxes of papers and advertisements connected with school athletic programs, the Delano High Athletic Hall of Fame, the Youth Foundation’s annual Sports Dinner, Philippine Weekend and Harvest Holidays souvenir programs. I must have thrown away 100 pounds of old contracts and advertisements.

I also went through probably at least 1,000 photographs and have divided them into individuals, sports, cheerleading, Philippine Weekend, Harvest Holidays and other school/community events. One day, I hope I can take them to a gathering related to the pictures and make them available for people to have for free if they wish.

I have rearranged tons of shelves and boxes and have come across items that I refuse to throw away, though I have no use for them. Does anyone want a photo enlarger or VHS or Beta video tapes for free? Just give me a call at 725-8803.

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