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DELANO RAMBLINGS: Reduced travel a focus for schools as sports pick back up

March 8 was the proposed start date for baseball, softball, boys and girls golf, tennis, track and field, and swimming in the Delano Joint Union High School District, the board of trustees agreed at its last meeting.

The board approved general requirements for all sports including face coverings, physical distancing, informed consent forms signed by parents, testing, hygiene and equipment sanitation, hydration, and limitations on mixed by participants.

Reduction in travel was a focus of district superintendent Jason Garcia as he noted Arvin and Shafter of the Kern High School District will not be allowed to compete outside of that district and would not compete in their South Sequoia League. That leaves Cesar Chavez and Robert F. Kennedy, both of Delano, plus Wasco, McFarland and Taft. Garcia suggested that Delano could join the group but said that competing in Taft would be too great a distance. “We want minimal bus drives,” he said.

Key to the problem is that to bus student athletes and comply with social distancing would allow only 13 people on a bus. A trip for 30 athletes, for example, would require THREE buses, not just one.

Delano is a member of the East Yosemite League with Porterville and Tulare schools, but DHS will elect to compete with SSL schools, which are closer in proximity to Delano.


Scholarship applications from the Delano Youth Foundation should by now be available from counselors at Delano’s three public high schools.

There are to be two scholarships given at each of the three schools. To apply, students should have at least a 3.5 grade point average and no F grades during the most recent semester.

Deadline to apply is Friday, April 9.


Longtime community leader Alice Luque-Duarte turned 90 in early February. Family placed signs in front of her 7th Avenue home to herald the event.

Born Feb. 6, 1931, at California Ranch northeast of Delano near Richgrove, parents Jose and Martina Quesda Luque moved to Delano in 1936. Alice was married November 1954, and she and her husband, who died in a ranch accident in 1981, had daughters Virginia, Victoria and Anna.

Grandchildren are Matt Armendariz and Yvonne, children, Savannah, Quentin, and Xavier; Allyson Mendoza, husband Rick and children Aubrey Nachor, Alyvia, Aven Recio; David Benjamin Armendariz and children Alina and Elliot, Mirissa Kao and children Justin, Ashlyn and Emalyn and great great grandchild Aria Morales. Alice's siblings are sisters Rosario Contreras, Linda Lopez, and husband Danny, and brothers Joe (Maria), Alex and William (deceased) and John and wife Virginia.

Alice graduated from Richgrove Elementary, Delano High in 1948, and from cosmetology school in 1950. She was a dental assistant for four different dentists, in 1958 began a career working as a credit reporter and collection specialist, and in 1964 began employment with Bank of America until retirement in 1987 after 23 years.

She was on Delano High class reunion committee 1952 to 2014, president of Cecil Avenue PTA, Delano Business and Professional Women’s Club for which she was named 1967 Woman of Achievement, Latin-American Citizens Association which she served as secretary, member of Sociedad Progresista Mexicana honored as flag bearer at the state convention, first woman member and president of Delano Toastmaster Club, 8-year board member of Kern View Mental Hospital, president for three terms of Bank of America retirees Kern Golden Empire chapter, chosen Soroptimist Woman of Distinction, committee member of Jacona and Tanguancircuaro Sister City committees, and secretary of Arida, Japan, Sister City committee.

She was 1969 member of Delano Vision 2000 committee, member of city of Delano committee planning a new jail, and member of Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Inc. and its president 1966 to 1968. She was honored as Neighbor of the Week by Channel 17 during Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Week, volunteer for Habitat for Humanity house built on 11th Avenue, and in 2008 was the only volunteer with Delano Police Department Senior Citizens on patrol.

For 20 years she volunteered with the Delano Chamber of Commerce, 2016 was chosen Chamber Volunteer of the Year, and has the annual award named after her. She was Harvest Holidays Grand Marshal, was treasurer and capsule chairman for Delano’s Centennial event. She was inducted in 2017 into Delano Union School District Hall of Fame, in 2018 was president of Delano Harvest Holidays Association, for 10 years volunteered for Delano City Walk, was speaker coordinator for Career Day at La Vina and Cecil Avenue middle schools, and is a member of St. Mary’s Church. She has also volunteered at the local hospital.

Personally, I first met Alice when she began work at dentist Dr. Clifford Loader, where my late mother was employed.


The remainder of the Cesar E. Chavez High School 4.0 and above students for the fall semester is listed below. The first half of the honored students appeared in last week’s column.

Add on scholars Angel Uribe, Bryan Esquivel, Roberto Ramirez, Michaela Ramiscal, Adriana Ramos-Ballesteros, Jimena Aguilar Gaitan, Natalie Aguilar, Stephanie Amber Aninion, Mia Avila, Coral Ayon, Valeria Ayon, Brenda Barajas Padilla, Christopher Dan Caasi, Areena Campos, Alexis Cantu, Andrew Caraan, Luis Correa, Katherine Cruz Infante, Yaneli Currichi Garcia, Joel Fernandez, Noelia Flores, Francisco Garcia, Andrew Hernandez Ceja, Daniela Lopez, Krystal Lugo, Cassandra Melgoza, Jorge Miranda, Kylee Moreno, Sarai Ozuna, Julissa Pedroza, Marcela Ramirez Fernandez, Daniela Ramirez, Harlyn Raquedan, Perla Salazar Lara, Deysi Sanchez, Isaac Sanchez, Juan Velardes, Lesly Velazquez Aguilar, Mariela Arredondo, Angel Basurto, Juan Carlos Centeno, Hilary Cortez Valenzuela Nicholas Elizondo, Nyissa Gamboa, Yamilet Gomez, Jose Herrera, Nathalie Herrera, Dave Bryle Layiam, Dina Lopez, Mikayla Lopez, Oscar Pineda, Justin Almares, Adilene Baca, Van Kyle Marie Balacuit, Viviana Beltran Garcia, Nicolas Beltran, Cade Campos, Caroline Cano, Itzel Carlos, Jasmin Castaneda, Crystal Ceja Herrera, Adrian Ceja, Daniel Marko Fiel Coloma, Jennifer Cortez Zendejas, Dalilah Cruz Arzate, Josha De Villa, Cristian Duran, Tyler Evans, Melanie Garcia, Evelyn Garza, and Nikki Gill.

The rest of the 4.0 list for CCHS is Crystal Gonzalez, Matthew Gonzalez, Charlize Margareth Guerrero, Natalie Guerrero, Leizel Guieb, Angel Gutierrez, Joanaa Guzman Caribay, Yosef Hassan, Fatima Citialli Heredia, John Carlo Igayac, Jasmin Kato, Albert Labasan, Jeivann Lafradez, Favien Larios, Xavier Leos Lopez, Audree Lim, Breanna Lopez, Renz Mangohig, Natalie Martinez Ortega, Ariana Martinez, Klarissa Martinez, Emily Mata Sanchez, Jacob Josh Micu, Sabrina Navarro, Ian Walter Nodora, Miah Ochoa, Pedro Oliveras, Cielomar Olvera Jimenez, Samantha Parrilla, Juan Perez, Kalea Popoy, Christian Gutierrez, Mark Joseph Arellano, Citaly Chavira Ramirez, Patrick Raquedan, Lauren Wai Rigucira, Bryann Ramirez, Ivan Ramirez, Xyrel Oscel Ramiscal, Leslie Ramos Ballesteros, Jeremy Regalado Frias, April Jane Retamal, Jose Reyes, Deon Reyez, Uriel Rivera, William Rivera, Joseph Ruesga, Daniel Silva, Ernesto Solis Chavez, Analya Solorio Alcantar, Ximena Sotelo, Harshan Sunner, Billie Anne Usita, Vansh Vansh, Emilia Rose Veloya, Luis Guillermo Villasenor, and Jessica Zaninovich.


Congratulations to La Vina Middle School student Armindev Bhatti who gained first place in the Serious Interpretation Solo event for grades 7-8 in Kern County’s Oral Language Festival.


The president’s stimulus package should easily have gained public support with probably more than half the population gaining funds from the stimulus. Nobody seems concerned about the debt that will saddle current young people years down the road. Also, locally the price of gasoline has risen by 30 cents or more in just a month after the inauguration.

It is easy to give away someone else’s money, but you can be sure that citizens who did NOT receive money will be those who will be paying the bill.


Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday morning so tonight turn your clocks FORWARD one hour and lose an hour of sleep.