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DELANO RAMBLINGS: Kiwanis Club sponsors reading group; virtual cheerleading tryouts planned

Kiwanis Club of Delano has donated more than $100 to sponsor a local reading group using social media.

The reading group is headed by retired Fremont School teacher Bob Williams. He has volunteered his time to read books together by Zoom to fourth and fifth grade students.


Last month and this month there have been and probably will be many “special” meetings of the Delano Joint Union High School District board of trustees in order to deal with the constantly changing policies of the state.

Many schools, chiefly private schools, have begun in-person instruction and some public schools have limited that instruction to special student groups that seem to need more help than is available in a virtual manner.

Back in the fall the Delano high school district for a couple of weeks provided fall sports conditioning drills in small groups and social distancing but stopped that practice at the Thanksgiving break due to the continued spread of coronavirus.

But high schools in Porterville, for example, have continued practices for many sports and in late January were to begin under certain restrictions practices for sports other than fall sports. That is because schools have the option, I was told.

Associated student body elections at Delano High School, I have been informed, are scheduled for March 26.


Tentative plans have been made for “virtual” tryouts for Delano High School’s 2021-22 cheerleading squad.

First-year cheerleader coach/advisor Sharena Gonder at DHS reports that cheerleaders who do not graduate in the spring but who have fulfilled responsibilities on the squad during the pandemic will retain positions on the squad. There are still many openings for varsity and JV squads, the latter including current eighth graders who wish to compete for JV squad positions for the 2021-22 squad.

A clinic is tentatively planned March 15 through April 23 with tryouts Saturday, April 24. She said that practices and tryouts will likely be in a virtual manner or actual tryouts possibly in small groups socially distanced.

Candidates could be seen on Zoom by judges and the results and team paperwork posted online after cheer teams are selected.

A virtual flyer to middle schools is planned as well as advertising the practices and tryouts for current high school students.


With virtual learning taking place, it was my belief that grades would drop for students. However, when I requested all-A students from local high schools, I was surprised that Delano High's list numbered 291 students with 4.0 or better grade averages. I had forgotten that advanced placement classes add a point to grade averages. It used to be that 4.0 was straight A’s, but two DHS students — senior Jackeline Aguilar and junior Alejandro Hernandez — posted perfect 5.0 averages for the semester.

Seniors with 4.0 or better marks included Jacob Abad, Fernando Alaniz, Jaycel Almajano, Vidal Altamirano, Maria Amarillas, Adrian Aricheta, Yarely Ayon, Dania Barraza, Chris Barrios, Anabel Basurto Ontiveros, Kimberly Bautista, Araceli Beltran, Estefany Beltran, Natalie Calderon, Joannah Claire Calipusan, Azucena Camargo, Stephanie Camargo, Dylan Casimiro, Aaron Cavazos, Daisy Chavez, Mya Garcia, Jocelyn Garibay, Uriel Garsia Sanchez, Anaisa Gonzales, Cyrus Gorospe, Kaitlyn Grijalva, Jayrin Guerrero Ayon, Laysha Gutierrez, Alex Hernandez, Devin Hernandez, Armando Hernandez Basurto, Juliana Herrera, Mark Vincent Icalina, Jandre Lafradez, Keana Land, Mariana Daney Lara, Mayra Lopez, Yareli Lorenzano, Lluvia Lugo, Damara Leticia Manjarrez, Maritza Manjarrez Lopez, Guiller Maramba, Zelina Mayubay, Hannah Medina, Adrian Medrano, Emily Melendrez, Iris Mendoza, Elizabeth Montemayor, Casandra Nunez, Yahira Nunez, Yissell Nunez, Miguel Ochoa, Mailin Ornelas, Miguel Ortiz, Shylla Pagatpatan, Joel Pena, Anjierica Prado, Josh Queja, Maria Quevedo, Michelle Ramirez, Nolberto Ramos, Britzenia Reyes, Rigoberto Reyes Ortega, Juan Rodriguez Aguilar, Alexis Rodriguez Medina, Nitzia Rojas Vicuna, Yaniret Romero, Crystal Joy Roque, Manuel Enrique Sanchez, Soledad Sanchez, John Selsor, Alexis Soto, Gabriela Soto, Guadalupe Torres, Athena Tuvera, Maylin Vergara, Shaira Vicente, Bobby John Villanueva, and Lesley Virgen Felix.

The above seniors numbered 92 with the 78 juniors including Arleth Acosta-Machuca, Leslie Aguirre, Maritza Alcaraz Gonzalez, Hanna Almajano, Lyssa Almajano, Edith Ambriz Ramos, Roberto Andrade, Reynelle Aricheta, Mayra Ayala, Mariela Ayon, Rica Ballesteros, Andrea Barajas, Kaitlyn Bareng, Cedrick Bayudan, Samira Bejar, Aimy Bravo, Suhey Cardenas, Angel Casillas Leon, Samuel Castaneda, Josue Chavez Garcia, Ruma Jasmine Concepcion, Giovanni Contreras, Christian De La Cruz, Jashmine Dejos, Erynne Mae Dela Cruz, Zsaby Diana, Josias Diaz-Garcia, Andrea Escareno, Anibal Garcia, Esaul Garcia, Esmeralda Garcia, Alexis Garcia Franco, Daniela Gonzalez, Omar Gonzalez, Christian Guillen Tapia, Omar Gutierrez, Francisco Heredia-Viveros, Alessandra Sophia Hernando, Connor Hufnagel, Wilfrido Jimenez, Madelaine Juan, Kevin Landa Ortiz, Natalie Lara, Natalie Michelle Lopez, Yarineth Lua, Crystal Madrigal, Neyda Magallanes-Tovar, Esmeralda Magana, Shanelle Malanum, Alejandra Martinez, Jared Martinez, Itzel Medina-Sala, Elva Mercado, Alejandra Navarro, Gabriela Nunez, Lorena Nunez Orozco, Karelyn Ochoa, Alondra Ortiz, Luis Osorio-Mejia, Yuseleth Paez Valle, Jaythen Peralta, Maritsa Perez Armenta, Marcos Quintana Aleman, Mike Angelo Rafanan, Fanny Sarahi Ramires Perez, Rafael Romero, Edith Rosales Sanchez, Isabella Sandoval, Joana Tabalanza, Joselle Talabong, Celia Vianney Toledo, Fatima Valdivias, Yameli Valdovinos-Carrillo, Monserrat Vazquez, Justin Vicente, and Angie Vicente Ramirez

Sophomores and freshmen will be recognized in next week’s column.


Delano High’s Class of 1965 reunion committee headed by Cheryl (Brunk) Bird, 559-224-6969, has a long list of “lost” graduates that includes John Ferrel, Linda Flores, Linda Freeman, Tari French, Verda Gaines, Lola Garay, Mary Ellen Gillet, Karen Golden, Shirley Golleher, Lupe G. Gomez, Martha Gomez, Frances Gonzales, Robert Gutierrez, Mae Haggerton, Richard Hernandez, Jackie Jackson, Arthur Jenkins, Josie Jimenez, Elijah King, Mike Land, Patricia Lape, LeRoy Louis, Wilma Lyons, Joe Lujan, John Markham, Edith Martinez, Manuel Medina, Linda Mendoza, Diane Meyer, McKinley Miller, Gail Mingus, Jesus Montero, and Ralph Calvillo.

If you know their address or phone, call Cheryl.