Gary Girard

Gary Girard.

Alumni Night will be recognized at Delano High School’s first home football game Thursday, Aug. 23, with South Bakersfield.

Graduates wearing Block D jackets and past cheerleaders wearing any cheerleader “top” or carrying it will be admitted free to the first home game with South.


On Saturday, August 11, Delano High football will host Robert F. Kennedy in a scrimmage at Delano High’s Gene Beck Stadium.

The JV and freshman teams will share the field starting at 6 p.m. with the varsity teams on the field at 7:30 p.m.

The last time the two schools met on the gridiron was in 2011 when current RFK coach Mario Millan was Delano’s head man, and 2010 when Millan shared the head coaching job at DHS with Steve Brown. Those two seasons Kennedy and Cesar Chavez High were also part of the East Yosemite League which Delano High remains a part of.

I am sure that Millan will have a super pep talk for his Kennedy Thunderbirds prior to the scrimmage with the Delano Tigers. Millan after the 2013 football season was released from Delano High because of the desire of the athletic director at that time to have an on-campus varsity head football coach.

Delano has lost most of its offense but returns much of its defense, while Kennedy probably has many more returners than either Delano or Cesar Chavez entering this fall.

Donation will be $6 for adults and those over age 18 who are not students, and $3 for students and senior citizens.

One gate on the east and two gates on the west side of the stadium will be staffed to take donations

Delano High athletic director Albino Duran has announced that $50 is the charge for season football tickets for four games. Persons may go to his office or call 720-4378. First home game for varsity and JV teams is Thursday, Aug. 23, against South High.


Republicans such as state Sen. Andy Vidak and U.S. Rep. David Valadao will probably have my vote for their pursuit of office, but I will switch to Democratic Assemblyman Rudy Salas.

Salas, it seems to me, has been voting in favor of measures that are important to this area.

However, it caught me off guard when the Delano City Council — a non-partisan and non-political body — had Salas riding with the Delano City Council. I think the wrong message might be sent.


To serve farmers throughout the San Joaquin Valley, many legislators and leaders have been pushing for more dams and water measures to better serve Valley agriculture.

Gov. Jerry Brown has his own idea for twin tunnels to take water to needy areas, but from what I can determine, that water will go to the Los Angeles area, bypassing the San Joaquin Valley and its farmers.

The state water board seems to be a very liberal group and one controlled by liberals and environmentalists, which can make all the decisions concerning water usage in the state, so far always shortchanging growers on the amount of water they receive.

If the water supply is lessened, then farmers may have to cut back on their acreage that is farmed, and that means fewer workers needed.

I do not hear much support from farm workers in this area or businesses for water measures to aid farmers, but I wonder if they understand that if farmers go out of business or struggle to have ends meet, then those affected also will be farm workers and businesses in every community of the San Joaquin Valley.

I try to keep up with the water situation and the various plans that are involved by reading the newspaper and listening to radio, but I have to admit that I am not very clear on the various proposals.

I constantly hear from various groups that registering to vote should be made easier for people and that our goal should be to have everybody vote. This prompts me to wonder how many of these people who are being courted to vote actually keep up with the various issues and candidates that they would be asked to vote upon.

If some of the public has no knowledge of the issues and candidates, why is there such an effort to see that they are registered?


Greg’s Chevron of Delano was a topic in the Bakersfield Life magazine in early 2018 as Greg’s was moving its headquarters from Delano to Bakersfield.

Greg’s has expanded its facilities greatly, and just the other day I was surprised to hear a radio commercial about Greg’s and its serving of the Fresno area.

Harold Gregory as far as I know was the first owner of the Chevron business under the name “Greg’s.” I first knew of him when he was a star pitcher at Delano High in the late 1940s, and later he was chief umpire for Delano Little League, not for the piddling amount of money that he earned but for the love of baseball that he had.

Later, he became a member of the Delano Joint Union High School Board of Trustees, serving for many years, including as board president.

When his relative, Pam Dickstein, at the Record office on Cecil Avenue years ago would talk to me about Harold, she kept me up on his location to Las Vegas and his activities. A couple of times she brought Harold by so that we could reminisce together.

I also recall that his brother, Jay, was a standout Delano High catcher and later played some Class D pro baseball. When Harold and Jay in their later years were playing local softball, brother LeRoy was also on board. There may be even other brothers whom I am not aware of.

Harold has passed away and he passed the Greg’s Chevron baton to his son-in-law, Ron Mariani, and Ron’s wife, Lori (Gregory). Ron has expanded so much that I am certain that Harold would be very proud.


The Los Angeles Dodgers have a big following in this area, but I am curious how many Dodger fans are upset (or even angry) that when games are televised that the Dodgers are not “allowed” on TV because they have their own channel or a special viewing venue which prevents them from being seen by many of their loyal fans.

Gary Girard is a longtime resident of Delano. He can be reached at 661-725-8803.

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