Delano and McFarland youth are to share more than $11.5 million for mental health services and additionally receive almost $1 million for outpatient drug-free treatments. 

At last week's Board of Supervisors meeting, supervisors approved an agreement between Behavioral Health and Recovery Services and Clinica Sierra Vista from July 1 through June 30, 2021, to provide outpatient drug-free treatment services for clients residing in the Delano and McFarland area. The program would target school-based adolescents treatment services for Delano area students in an amount not to exceed $969,914.

“While COVID has dominated our world these last few months, the work of the County goes on,” said District 4 Supervisor David Couch. “This includes allocating the funding necessary so that Delano and our other District 4 communities are equipped to fight the other epidemic that plaques our communities, substance abuse.”

Under this agreement, Clinica Sierra Vista will provide outpatient substance use disorder treatment services for adults, including defendants with criminal justice involvement and the indigent population.

These services include individual and group counseling, along with related activities that support recovery and a commitment to abstinence. Additionally, early intervention services include screening and/or assessment, individual counseling, group counseling and education, discharge planning, family education, testing for illicit substances, and referrals for specialty mental health services, if needed, shall be provided at selected school sites in Delano for adolescents.

This is also a continuation for substance-use disorder treatment services in the Delano area. An original request was made in February 2015 for services to begin on July 1, 2015.

Supervisors approved an agreement between Behavioral Health and Recovery Services and Henrietta Weill Memorial Child Guidance Clinic, Inc., from July 1 through June 30, 2021, to provide children and adolescents outpatient mental health services for clients residing in Bakersfield, north Bakersfield, Delano and McFarland, in the amount of $11.532 million.

Under the terms of this agreement, Henrietta Weill Memorial Child Guidance Clinic, Inc., will provide community-based, family-oriented and culturally competent mental health services for children and adolescents with the goal of minimizing hospitalizations, out-of-home placements or placements failures.

Mental Health services include, but are not limited to, screening and assessments; crisis response; individual, family and group counseling; medication support; psychiatric evaluations; psychological evaluations and testing; and case management. 

These services were requested in fiscal year 14-15 for service that began on July 1, 2015. The Behavioral Health and Recovery services department distributed another request in the fiscal year 15-16, for service that began on July 1, 2016.

“In addition to funding for substance abuse programs through Clinica Sierra Vista, funding for the Henrietta Weill Institute will help families and especially children deal with mental health issues that must be tackled," Couch said. “This is key to ensuring the next generation is positioned to be happy, healthy and contributing members of our County."

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