Delano High School officials said Sunday they will continue to investigate an alleged Friday night game attack along the Tigers' sideline by at least 16 uniformed Delano football players against a lone Mission Oak player.

A second Mission Oak player came to his teammate's aid and was also allegedly attacked by multiple players. One player was sent to the hospital, but neither boy was seriously injured.

The football game was 14-0 in favor of the Hawks in the third quarter when the fight broke out. The game was stopped and was determined to be a forfeit loss for Delano High School. Within minutes, videos of the alleged attack on the Mission Oak player were posted to Twitter. One such video had more than 106,000 views as of Sunday afternoon.

Comments on the post were against the attack and were generally negative toward the Delano High football team, school and town of Delano.

The video was also posted on Facebook.

Delano Joint Union High School District officials must determine what, if any, penalties will be taken against the football players determined to be involved, as well as any possible action against the Delano High School football coaching staff.

"On behalf of Delano High School, I am deeply disturbed and embarrassed by the actions that transpired at Friday night’s football game versus Mission Oak High School," Principal Rene Ayon said Sunday. "The actions of those involved in the incident do not reflect our school culture, district, and community."

"We hold our student athletes to the highest level of conduct on and off the field and will be working collaboratively with the California Interscholastic Federation and game officials to thoroughly investigate the incident," Ayon said. "As we strive to meet the expectations of our school community, we will be reviewing all aspects of our athletic programs."

"We will be taking swift action to ensure student safety and conduct is at the forefront of all our athletic programs," he said.

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Football is an aggressive 'sport' doing 'battle' under (supposedly) controlled circumstances.

Sportsmanship? "Gang-of-Sixteen" v 'The One' . . . ? Where did they learn that drill . . . ? And they were winning . . . ?

Responsibilities? Culture? Far-reaching -- up, down and sideways . . . !


This is the second time I have heard this excuse. One on the radio by a pro-football player who said bad thing on social media and released.

"My comments do not reflect who I really am." Baloney. They exactly reflect who you are!

In this case the Principal uses the same excuse. It may not reflect on the whole school, but I'm sorry, if true, it does reflect on a heck of a lot of players.

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