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What is the chance local high school football will begin sooner than January, as major state universities are canceling spring 2021 football seasons and going back to a late fall season kickoff?

It still sits in the hands of the state California Interscholastic Federation, local school officials said this week.

On Thursday, Pac-12 conference university presidents and chancellors voted to start playing games on Nov. 6-7, approving a seven-game season that culminates with the conference championship game in December. That will include my alma mater: University of Arizona Wildcats football team.

Mountain West Conference, which Fresno State University football is a member of, announced an eight-game season beginning Oct. 24. Already a fan, because I live in the Central Valley, that has increased with two children now attending the university -- even if it is only ONLINE.

Games would take place without spectators in the seats. The 2020 schedule has yet to be released.

It's weird watching other state's high school football teams play, while some major universities have yet to run a play this month.

Then came hope from California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who said earlier this month that state guidelines do not restrict participation in Pac-12 conference football. "I want to make crystal clear," Newsom said. "Nothing in the state guidelines deny the ability for the Pac-12 to resume. Quite the contrary. That has been a misinterpretation of facts."

Back in May, the California Collegiate Athletic Association suspended all NCAA sports until Jan. 1, 2021.

The Pac-12 and Big 10 are currently the only major football conferences not playing. The ACC, Big 12 and SEC and other conferences have already started playing earlier this month.

The Big 10 is supposed to start its shorter seasons mid-October. While the Pac-12 will start in November.

So, if professional football players are playing, most major college football teams are playing, and many U.S. states are letting high school football teams compete: What are the chances that local high school football teams start their seasons before Jan. 1?

Delano Joint Union High School District Trustee Arnold Morrison said this week that he checked with CIF, and officials said they had no new information since moving fall sports to 2021.

Back on July 20, the CIF issued its ruling on the fate of high school athletics in the 2020-21 school year, deciding to reschedule the fall sports season rather than cancel the season outright. The season will now start in January and end in March, affecting both winter and spring sports seasons as well.

The fall sports season officially starts Dec. 14, with cross country, football, and volleyball all allowed to have full-scale practices to start preparing for their season.

Right now, the first football competitions are allowed to begin Jan. 7. Other fall sports like volleyball and cross country can begin about 10 days sooner on Dec. 28. The regular season length differs between every sport with football lasting the longest until March 19.