Recently the city of McFarland opened a new animal shelter with 15-20 kennels. The facility is equipped with several amenities including a medical room, laundry room and food sorting area.

McFarland, like many cities throughout the district, remains resilient in the midst of economic uncertainty from the pandemic. I am thankful for City Manager Maria Lara and the Community Development Department working tirelessly to obtain the USDA Community Facility Loan/Grant funds for the development of an indoor animal shelter that will make an immediate impact reuniting pets with their owners.

It is remarkable to see nonprofit organizations such as the McFarland USA Foundation donate financially to support the city’s efforts. Ensuring stray animals receive the veterinary care needed improves the well-being of all residents in McFarland.

The McFarland Animal Shelter, located at 12941 Melcher Road, offers a spray and neuter program as well. With the support of additional grant funding, the spray and neuter program offered by McFarland Animal Control reduces the overpopulation of stray animals found abandoned in the community. Each $30 voucher covers the full cost of surgery and can be obtained at City Hall.

In the near future, the connections made from the adoptions at the shelter will benefit the city for years to come. Special thanks to Animal Control Officer Oscar Maya and his staff for helping families make adoptions and educating residents on city ordinances pertaining to animal services.

Adoption fees at the shelter start as low as $40. Please visit the McFarland Animal Shelter Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Thank you city of McFarland and especially to the McFarland City Council for their vision and for working together to bring this project development into fruition. With Kern County’s District 4 office working in collaboration with your city’s leadership, I am confident we will continue building upon this progress.

Please contact Animal Control Officer Oscar Maya at 661-792-3091 or to address any questions or concerns regarding adoption fees and animal services. Contact McFarland City Hall at 661-792-3091 or visit to receive information regarding additional city services and departments. Feel free to contact our District 4 office at 661-868-3680 or at for any County concerns. Have a safe week.

David Couch represents Kern County’s 4th District.