Recently, I got the chance to meet with our Congressman TJ Cox to discuss ways to work together in our district. Congressman Cox’s congressional district overlaps Kern County’s District 4 significantly. Many of the same issues affect both our overlapping districts. Back in Washington, D.C., he sees a lot of acrimony between folks at the national level, but I am so thankful that at the local level it’s all about working together to get things done. Whether it’s Congressman Cox, Assemblyman Salas, state Sen. Hurtado, or their staffs, your county, state and federal elected officials representing Delano are working together to get things done.

This theme — working together — that we’ve spoken of so much in this Couch’s Corner forum, is the essential theme of my time as your Kern County Supervisor. Whether it’s Delano, where we’ve worked hard to improve your Delano Little League experience, among many things; or La Colonia, where we’ve met with the local community, the Committee for Race, Poverty and the Environment, and others, to begin to build a community center; or Lamont, where our collaboration has generated a Lamont Park grant application that can be transformative for the community, it’s all about working together. I hope all of you have learned that the door is always open, and that we are always looking for ways to work together to strengthen the dialogue and improve our community.

Our job is to serve you, and the relationships we elected officials can build with each other should ultimately help you.

That’s why I was interested to hear, when we met with Congressman Cox, of the legislation being drafted to create a “blue card” so that immigrant agricultural workers would be able to work in this country legally. This could be supported by farmers and farmworkers alike, and hopefully, in DC, by Republicans and Democrats. The “blue card” bill proposes and details how undocumented immigrants who have been working on our farms could apply for a blue card to work here legally.

Similarly, our grant application for Lamont Park improvements are reviewed at the state level, where the help of Assemblyman Salas and Sen. Hurtado are much needed in the very competitive grant process, to make sure Kern County gets its fair share. A big thanks to all our friends in Sacramento and DC who can help us improve our county, our district, and our Delano community.

It’s how we work together that will determine whether we can be successful. As your District 4 Supervisor, I want to make our district and your community better, and to do it, I need to hear from you and to work with all of you. It’s how we should solve our problems at the national level too. For me, I’m focused on Kern County, your community and our local dialogue. Call our office at 661-868-3680 or email us at to be part of the conversation. The door is always open.

David Couch represents Kern County’s Fourth District.

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