I’ve been a student of the Bible for approximately 40 years. I describe the Bible as “the Sacred Scriptures.” I own a Bible dated 1639 where the title is described as such. I’m fascinated by the teachings within its pages. In it contains the mind and will of God.

Recently, I read where historian David Barton and statistician George Barna put out three major poll to 384,000 churches in the field of Christian values. They found 72 percent of senior pastors of these Christian churches do not agree with the teachings of the Bible. The 28 percent — which believe the teachings of the Bible are true — say it addresses the hot button political topics of the day. Of that group, 97 percent say they won’t speak on this. This leaves only 2.8 percent of pastors who will actually speak on these issues from the Biblical perspective. This is very problematic since the majority of pastors will avoid addressing such issues like a plague even though the Bible is quite clear on social or political issues.

The poll also found that 14 percent of professing Christians read their Bibles on a daily basis. Only 9 percent of Christians have a biblical worldview. “Therefore, we’re looking at a nation that doesn’t think biblically. The modern trend of unbiblical thinking stands in stark contrast to the common mindset during our nation’s founding,” Barton says.

If Christians are not reading and following the teachings of the Bible, how can they be effective in spreading their faith as Christ taught? If the Bible is not being read, how can it be followed? And if pastors are not teaching the Scriptures, what are they teaching? A motivational talk may sound good to the listener week after week, but if there is no regeneration in their thinking concerning Biblical teachings on holiness, sanctification, morality, integrity and living a God fearing/God loving life which pleases God, how are they sure they are truly pleasing God?

Christians should not be identified as such “in name only.” Christians need to return to the uncompromised teachings of the Sacred Scriptures and Pastors to take a stand where the Bible is concerned. Unless they do so, they are teaching the doctrines of man, not the teachings of Christ (1 Timothy 4:1-3; 2 Timothy 3:9). The Bible contains truth and has the answers to the problems faced by mankind. Don't neglect the study of the Scriptures on a daily basis. Make it a priority and follow its teachings.

David Vivas Jr. is the pastor at World Harvest International Church in Delano.

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