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COMMUNITY VOICES: Why are some afraid to speak up?

Why does a woman continue to stay with a man who physically abuses, humiliates and insults her with vulgar language? Why does she permit a man to punch or hit her? Why doesn’t she leave or report him to the authorities? Why would a woman stay with a man who constantly goes out on her with other women? And why would a woman stay with a man who sexually abuses her and even her children?

Why does a person refuse to call the cops of a known suspect who has committed murder? Why are they protecting a guilty person? How would they react (the person who refuses to speak up) if their own child was gunned down? Why do people refuse to turn in a neighbor who is clearly involved in drug trafficking or selling illegal drugs on the streets?

Why do employees stay quiet about an affair taking place on the job where a supervisor (boss) is flirting with a fellow employee? In some cases, it’s evident they are not hiding the affair. A married man with kids now has a management position and thinks rules don’t apply to him. Yet this happens all too often. No one wants to speak up or say a word for fear of losing their jobs or being intimidated by the adulterer.

Some would rather say nothing and keep to themselves while evil people continue to get away with their con artist, adulterous, crooked and double lifestyle. Those who think rules don’t apply to them have no morals, ethics, values, character or principles. Such individuals would go out of their way to destroy your credibility if you spoke up and called them out on their wicked behavior.

Evil people use intimidation to silence others from speaking up. They will make others look bad in order to make themselves look good. They have no concept between evil and good. They’re smooth talkers and even narcissistic. If they suspect you blew the whistle on them, exposing their corrupt behavior, they will not stop until they destroy your credibility with lies. To those who report a murderer to the authorities, the informant is subject to being killed themselves. And this is the reason why we have many unsolved murder cases. No one wants to speak up.

Speaking up and exposing the types of corrupt individuals mentioned in this article may not be the most convenient thing to do, but it’s the right thing to do. Go to HR and report the adulterer and his mistress. Let HR know they are being flirtatious on the job. These unprofessional people will soon find themselves in the unemployment line.

Call the authorities if someone is physically or sexually abusing you or your children. Don't be afraid to report those responsible for a murder. In the sight of Almighty God, He wants justice for all and consequences for those evil doers. If you refuse to speak up, you are indirectly protecting these corrupt individuals and are just as guilty as them. Don’t be afraid to do the right thing. Jesus Christ stands with you when you do.

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David Vivas Jr. is the pastor at World Harvest International Church in Delano.