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COMMUNITY VOICES: Who is misguiding your children?

Parents with strong principles and values should be the greatest influencers to their children. At home, children should learn what it means to respect their elders, treat others with common courtesy, form good manners, exercise integrity, learn what it means to respect law enforcement officers, teachers, school officials, ministers, etc.

We have a changing culture where these values are not being taught in many homes. We are losing a generation of children being misguided by those who have no morals, principles or values. Many TV programs, movies and music are redefining what “good” and “evil” are.

Unless children are taught the right values, a majority of kids will make wrong choices in life. The goal of every parent is to see their child grow up to be responsible, respectful, outstanding and law-abiding citizens in society. If parents don’t guide their children on the right path, someone will lead them down the wrong path. There are many misguided young people today who break the law. They must be reached and taught the right way.

The priority of every parent should be the will of God and to stay focused on your family. If a parent doesn’t have their child’s best interest at heart, there are those who will prey on your children like vultures. Those with wrong motives are lurking in “dark corners” waiting to use your kids like puppets for their perverted ways. These vile individuals look to brainwash young people into an illegal drug infested life. Parents, be alert of who your kids hang out or communicate with.

Monitor what your child watches on TV or Youtube. Check their browsing history on the internet. Learn who their friends are. And yes, you should check their bedrooms to ensure your child is not hiding drugs, alcohol or other inappropriate items. There are “wolves” in society looking for prey in the form of children. We are living in troubling times. Exercise discretion because your children are a heritage of the Lord. God trusts you to raise your children according to his will (Psalm 127:3; Proverbs 22:6).

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David Vivas Jr. is the pastor at World Harvest International Church in Delano.