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COMMUNITY VOICES: When elected officials disrespect the U.S. Constitution

Sept. 17 was the 234th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution by members of the Constitutional Congress. This document states the rights and freedoms of citizens who reside in America.

All elected to an official capacity in government take an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. If an elected official fails to uphold this oath, the official betrays the people they promise to represent and serve. Such officials who break their oath need to do their constituents a favor and resign immediately for failing to maintain the integrity of their oath.

Mark it down: Elected officials who disrespect the Constitution and U.S. flag would most likely spit on them. The official needs to be reminded they are not above the law. They are not to exceed constitutional boundaries.

Those who fail to remember their oath of office will make unethical decisions or which appears to be unethical. They’ll practice cronyism and nepotism, disregarding others and rewarding their buddies with financial favors or contracts. This is a clear abuse of power and misuse of their elected position. Such officials assume their constituents won’t catch on and think they can do whatever they want without constitutional restraints.

This makes me wonder who the elected official identifies as the enemy. The Patriotic American? The Christian? The law-abiding citizen? If the enemies of the U.S. Constitution and American flag work against our nation, why would an elected official do the same? Either the elected official is on the side of the Constitution or on the side of the enemy of our Constitution. Now which is it?

Some elected officials pretend to be on the side of the Constitution, but kiss up to their special interest groups or to those they take bribes from. The corrupt official has an allegiance to unconstitutional ideologies. Their disdain for America, law-enforcement officials and ethics is often hidden from their constituents as they associate with those who have complete disregard for the American flag and Constitution.

The corrupt official thinks only of themselves and how they can climb up the ladder of promotion. They have total disregard of making innocent people look bad in order to make themselves look good. They have disdain for anything that is moral and ethical. They consider “bad” as “good” and “wrong” as “right.” They bully their constituents with their education, social standing, credentials, etc. But I remind the arrogant official: Your constituents are not idiots or morons. Many of them can see that you’re embalmed with corruption and are tired of corrupt politicians and those who abuse their authority as leaders.

To the other elected officials who serve with a heart of humility, making decisions that benefit their constituents (not just their buddies), people appreciate you working for them. Public officials are public servants. It is “We the People” who have given them authority to serve in their elected capacity. There are elected officials who go over and above to serve their constituents without showing favoritism. People appreciate an official when they are respected and treated fairly and represented well by the official. To those officials who practice cronyism and nepotism, why not do your constituents a favor and resign so that someone can serve their constituents with humility and integrity.

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David Vivas Jr. is the pastor at World Harvest International Church in Delano.