A parent's worst nightmare is when you receive a knock at your door or a call telling you that your son or daughter has passed away. This was the case for me during the early morning hours on Feb. 1.

Adam was not my biological son. Years ago, he embraced me as his dad. I’ve known him since age 3. I’ve come to learn that a father or mother does not have to be the biological birth parent to be a mom or dad. Adam told me many times I was the best dad he could ever ask for. I did my best to teach him what I knew was right.

As many may have read, Adam was shot and killed the evening of Jan. 31, as he and four others were visiting the memorial site of a friend who had died in a car accident back in November near the corner of Hiett Avenue and County Line Road. All five were shot in a drive by shooting. Adam was the only one to succumb to his injuries. This is news I never thought I would hear. My heart has been grieving as well as an entire community of family and friends who loved Adam. These shootings are senseless.

The pain of grief goes deep. I’ve experienced mixed emotions and wonder why a person would randomly shoot bystanders paying their respect at a friends’ memorial site. I had to remind myself as I grieve that I have to forgive the person or people responsible for Adam’s death. I don’t want revenge, but I do want justice for Adam. You may run from the law, but you can never escape the eye of God Almighty. He sees your every activity and knows your motives.

If the person or people responsible for Adam’s death by chance are reading this article, I want you to know I do forgive you and God loves you. Ask God for His forgiveness for taking the life of my son that I will no longer see on earth. You’ve left his family and friends in pain.

If you have any religious background, I’m sure your faith teaches you to find forgiveness in God. If you’re not religious, I would hope you have a conscience that would keep you up at night knowing the devastation you have caused. I do not hate you. However, you have to pay the consequences for the crime you’ve committed.

I pray for you and others who have committed such crimes that you will come to surrender first to the Lord Jesus Christ and then you can do the right thing by turning yourself in. I would not want what has happened to our family happen to your family. May the Holy Spirit convict your heart until you repent of sin before Almighty God.

David Vivas Jr. is the pastor at World Harvest International Church in Delano.

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