Have you known someone who does not like or care much for you? Perhaps someone you had a falling out with and never have spoken to again? Maybe it’s an ex-spouse you cannot stand.

Animosity can lead to hatred and can especially be towards someone who did you wrong. Hate is such a strong word. Most likely, we’ve all been done wrong, betrayed or mistreated by someone we were once close to. Hatred can rise up from the betrayer and the betrayed. Hatred by any other name is wrong. There is no justification for hatred.

Racism is another form of hatred. Discrimination comes in many forms. Some are frowned upon because they lack education. Others have hatred because of a political affiliation. It also exists among the religious, especially Christian church groups. Some are exclusivists, meaning they believe only their “church” is the right church going to Heaven and will condemn fellow Christians outside of their four walls as “hell bound.” And the list goes on and on where baseness is concerned.

You may not be able to change a racist or the person who has complete hatred towards you. You have no control over the mindset of another human being. You only have control of how you handle and respond to racism and hatred. The Bible is clear on this. We are not to be overcome by evil. Rather, we’re to overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21). Hatred and racism is a disease of the mind.

Such individuals don’t need you to hate them. They need compassion and most of all, the love of God. God alone can change the heart of a racist and hateful human being. This can only happen when a person repents to God. God’s love can transform the heart of a hate-filled heart. Never allow a hateful person to infect you. Remember, their illness is hated and such can be rehabilitated by the power of God and changed into a decent, compassionate human being.

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David Vivas Jr. is the pastor at World Harvest International Church in Delano.


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