With every action, there is a reaction and even consequences if a bad choice or decision was made. Some who make bad choices won’t own up to their action and will resort to blame shifting. For them, it’s someone else’s fault for their wrong decision. As adults, we’re to be responsible for our actions.

We live in a nation with laws. When those laws are broken, consequences can be minimal to severe. Violators of such laws appear before a judge in a court of law. The violator cannot expect a judge to accept the excuse why a certain law was violated as, “I was not raised that way,” or, “It’s my family’s fault.” That unreasonable excuse will not be a valid reason in court.

There are those who blame their family or friends as the reason why they exhibit bad behavior. It’s also unfortunate how some family or friends enable the bad behavior while not holding them (the violator) accountable for their wrong actions. The violator at times is “rewarded” by being given money or other accommodations. Family and friends mean well but don’t realize they are not helping their loved one who purposefully continues making wrong decisions, even breaking the law.

Some loved ones of violators blame other family members, a church, mutual friends, co-workers and so forth for not “caring” or “helping” the violator. But a grown adult needs to learn that we are all accountable for our actions. A person making bad choices may go through the “school of hard knocks” or hit rock bottom. But hopefully, they learn from their wrong choices and start correcting their behavior instead of shifting the blame on everyone other than himself or herself.

Last but not least, the violator needs to reach out for help through counseling in order to reform their wrong behavior, place themselves under accountability, reach out to God for spiritual help and deliverance, so that he/she can be a productive, responsible and outstanding citizen in society. Some may not want to grow up and be an adult. Life is too short to live foolishly. Use the life God gave you to make wise choices so that you will be remembered as a blessing to many.

David Vivas Jr. is the pastor at World Harvest International Church in Delano.

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