I’ve been a minister and student of the Sacred Scriptures for 40 years. I base my beliefs on its teachings and live by the principles outlined.

According to 1 Corinthians 1:10, all believers in Christ are to be on the same page when it comes to what is moral and just. We’re not to be divided nor have our own point of view when it comes to the identification of what’s right and wrong. Those who truly adhere to the Bible as God’s final authority will not contradict its teachings.

Unfortunately, there are those (believers in name only) who take the Bible in a casual manner and think their opinion has more authority than the Scriptures.

I’m addressing this article to Christian believers and not to any other religious body or non-theist. As followers of Christ, Christians guide their lives by the teachings of the Bible. No doubt you’ve encountered those who claim to be but their actions show differently. Many will excuse bad behavior with the “I’m not perfect” remark. But this does not excuse purposeful bad choices on their part. As humans, we are finite and, yes, imperfect. No need to keep reminding people of how imperfect you are so that you’ll feel better in perpetual bad behavior.

Those who live with a double-standard have no room to point out the faults in the lives of others while guilty of the same. Jesus our Lord warned against hypocritical judgment (Matthew 7:1-5). In other words, people need to clean up their own life before pointing out the faults in the lives of others. The self-righteous attitude is detestable in the eyes of God. Jesus was outspoken against such individuals (See Matthew 23).

Some are very opinionated and condescending with their calloused remarks about others. Yet these individuals have absolutely no room to talk. Such individuals need to control their sharp words and harsh criticism while they themselves are guilty of secret sins. Yes, all of us have sinned. When we do, we’re to repent and ask for God’s forgiveness. The self-righteous won’t repent and continue to throw innocent people under the bus. The Bible is against hypocritical behavior. Some make others look bad in order to make themselves look good. Nothing escapes the attention of God. He is merciful to the repentant person who has humbled themselves before Him. Refrain from making critical remarks about another human being when it’s not your place to do so, knowing you have no room to talk if you’re guilty of the same.

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David Vivas Jr. is the pastor at World Harvest International Church in Delano.

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