I grew up with moral ethics. I was taught to respect my elders and show common courtesy to others. Even if I strongly disagree with another individual, I was not to engage in a witch hunt.

Over the years, I’ve seen so much crooked behavior where good people were slandered by evil manipulators. Morality has come under fire where “evil” is called “good” and “good behavior” is called “evil.” Morality is even under fire in certain churches where “evil behavior” is accepted and embraced.

Why is morality being challenged? Our morals are shaped by a defined belief system. As Christians, the Bible is the basis for our morality. What we believe will affect our behavior. The Bible clearly defines what good and evil are. Your conscience will only work when we have a defined belief system. If the conscience is tampered with, it will change your belief. If you tamper with truth, you eliminate truth and the conscience is seared.

Those who defy God’s truth deteriorate morality and ethics. We live in a culture where bad behavior is praised while good behavior is sneered at. When laws are passed, which weaken the authority of law enforcement officers or disable school teachers from implementing consequences for the bad behavior of students, we will only see a decay in morality and truth. Nothing good comes out of defiance of God’s moral code.

The Bible identifies certain sinful behaviors as “abominations.” An “abomination” is one of the most detestable of all sinful behavior in God’s eyes. When bad behavior is not constrained, nothing good can ever become of it. The sinner must come to the realization of their need for the Savior. True Christianity calls mankind to repentance to God. In doing so, one will experience forgiveness and redemption. Jesus didn’t come to this world to be “liked, popular or accepted” by those in opposition to God. He brought Grace and Truth. Not everyone received it. But those who did experienced God’s mercy, grace and forgiveness. You can as well if you turn to the Lord today and renounce the hidden works of darkness. God loves you and will pardon you if you accept His free gift of salvation today through repentance and faith int he Lord Jesus Christ.

David Vivas Jr. is the pastor at World Harvest International Church in Delano.

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