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COMMUNITY VOICES: Deadly addiction

Over the years, I have counseled with those seeking help to overcome their battle with addiction to illegal drugs, alcohol and even prescription painkiller drugs classified as opioids. Addiction to such narcotics can deteriorate the mental state of an individual. And sadly, some die due to an overdose. Addiction is a real issue and cannot be ignored.

Many are looking to help a friend or loved one with addiction. The addict won’t admit to their addiction. They often are in denial of their addiction. You alone cannot help a person who is in denial. It takes time, patience and prayer.

A person doesn’t become addicted overnight. It begins when an individual experiments with an illegal drug or drinks an alcoholic beverage. Over time, the person becomes codependent on said drugs or alcohol. The person comes under its influence, which takes over their sense of rational thinking. The addict may steal property or money from a family or friend in order to obtain drugs or alcohol. They become out of control because of addiction.

You may feel at a loss in helping your loved one. You may desire to help them only to have them reject the help. The addict may have to hit rock bottom before reaching out for help. You, as their friend or family member, should never enable them by “loaning” or giving them money. The person with an addiction is out of control and needs the proper help to overcoming addiction.

Until your loved one is ready to get help for their addiction, there is nothing anyone can do to help them. Once they are ready to get help, it is available. If your loved one is ready to get this help and willing to dedicate their time to be put through a rehabilitation program, they can overcome their addiction. I’d be happy to direct them to a program that will help them overcome their addiction.

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David Vivas Jr. is the pastor at World Harvest International Church in Delano.

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