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Although Delano and McFarland are in a new calendar, there is still a lot to be said about the 2019 high school football season.

With four talented rosters of the area’s best players, the following list is meant to commemorate those who stood out during the 2019 football season.

Second team offense

Julian Avila, quarterback for McFarland High School

As the leading passer between the four schools, Avila was one of two players that made up the heart and soul of the Cougars offense.

The senior threw for 1,692 yards and 18 touchdowns in the 2019 season, more than 300 yards from his closest counterpart.

This insane amount of yards carried the Cougars to three wins on the season but didn’t exactly translate to success as they finished 3-8 and fell short in the first round of division six playoffs.

Despite the Cougars record, Avila was no doubt a star in his own right, powering an entire offense by his play alone, earning him second team honors.

Francisco Medina, running back for Kennedy High School

As a junior in the 2018 season, Medina’s 568 yards had him as the third-leading rusher in a Kennedy backfield that held two 1,000-yard rushers.

In the 2019 season, Medina stepped up for the Thunderbirds nearly breaching the 1,000-yard mark with 984 yards in his senior campaign.

Although he was not the leading Kennedy rusher, Medina led in touchdowns, having six more than his closest teammate.

The senior served as a leader for the Thunderbirds and left behind a lengthy legacy having won a Division 5 Valley title in 2018 and making a semi-finals run this year — in the program’s first Division 4 season.

Damien Espinoza, running back for Cesar E. Chavez High School

As the second back in the Titans backfield, Espinoza was far from second string. The junior back served as a speed back to complement workhorse Jonathan Rivas and racked up 620 yards and six touchdowns in the process.

He also played both sides of the ball, placing high defensively as a safety for the Titans.

As a standout player in the 2019 season, Espinoza stood out as only a junior, being a tandem that’s sure to shine next season.

Jaden Veloria, wide receiver for Chavez High School

In a city that’s notorious for running the ball the majority of the game, it’s great for any receiver to play under a 1,000-yard passer.

As for Veloria, he was one of three Chavez receivers with more than 200 receiving yards, and did so as a junior.

Heading into the next season, Veloria is part of the many talented underclassmen making up a returner-filled squad.

Jerrick Alestre, wide receiver for Delano High School

Playing for any team that goes winless is a very difficult task. Despite this, Alestre lead a pass-heavy Tigers offense in receiving yards.

The senior served as a main target to Delano’s two quarterbacks throughout the season and was especially explosive when posing as a deep threat.

Alestre served as one of the few bright spots on a lack-luster Delano team.

Offensive line

LT: Alex Contreras, Kennedy High School

LG: Arturo Gonzalez, Delano High School

C: Christopher Sandoval, Kennedy High School

RG: Devin Dimas, McFarland High School

RT: Kobe Ronk, Chavez High School

First team offense

Cameron Huerta, quarterback for Chavez High School

As the leader of a 9-3 Chavez team, Huerta shined in every game he competed in. The junior quarterback led the Titans and had his signature moment beating Kennedy by converting a late-game touchdown.

Posting 1,300 yards passing and nearly another 1,000 yards rushing, Huerta led all players in the Delano area in total yards. And he did so before his senior season.

As for the future, the Titan quarterback headlines a bright Chavez team that is filled with potential set to break out in 2020.

Jonathan Rivas, running back for Chavez High School

Rivas is the definition of a work horse back. The Chavez junior led every running back in the Delano area in actual carries despite playing only nine games.

And hitting the 1,000-yard mark with 1,114 before his senior campaign, the backs best days are still ahead of him.

And once he gets a chance to recover from the amount of carries he took, the Titans premier back will be set to lead a rushing Chavez rushing attack that could possibly contend for a Valley title.

Ricardo Solorio, running back for Kennedy High School

The Thunderbirds’ Solorio burst onto the scene in the 2019 season as a senior.

With 1,159 rushing yards, he lead all backs in the area with huge games against Liberty and Wasco.

As Kennedy’s premier back, Solorio helped the Thunderbirds get deep into the postseason and make a run at the Valley title game.

Marcos Ramirez, wide receiver for McFarland High School

In terms of talent gaps between athletes, there was no bigger one between positions like receiver.

Ramirez nearly tripled the nearest receiver with a ridiculous 1,099 yards receiving and eight touchdowns. The senior shined on the Cougars offense, being able to take any pass and turn it into a huge gain.

Ramirez served as Avila’s main target and made up the majority of his statistics as well. He also set a new standard in the Delano area for what it means to be a receiver.

Edwin Lopez, wide receiver for Chavez High School

Although Ramirez might have set records, there was still a lot of talent at the receiver position. Lopez lead the Chavez receiving corps with 351 yards and two touchdowns. He also served as a corner for the Titans defense.

The senior was second in receiving and set an example for next season’s Chavez squad.

Offensive line

LT: Eliseo Hernandez, Chavez High School

LG: Eddie Hernandez, Kennedy High School

C: Christopher Permejo, Delano High School

RG: Reynaldo Loya, Chavez High School

RT: David Tamayo, Kennedy High School

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