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VALERIE SCHULTZ: Sorrow and joy of the afterlife

Valerie Schultz

Valerie Schultz

My husband has joined the club a friend once told me no one wants to be a member of: He has lost his father. No matter how old you are, becoming fatherless is a unique sadness. The death of a parent leaves holes in us, in our hearts and in our history and in our future. The ones who gave us life are no longer with us.

When we become parents, we are in awe of the beauty and sanctity of new life. We feel a kinship with the Creator. We are grateful to be part of the miraculous cycle. When our own parents age, however, we are aware of the power and inevitability of death. We're mindful of the sorrow looming ahead. While we know that everyone dies, and no parent ever wishes to outlive a child, we still mourn the loss of our parents.

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