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ROBERT PRICE: Peggy Darling squeezed a lot of life — and generosity — into her 96 years

One of the small tragedies of living into one’s 90s, I’ve long believed, is that by the time you reach that age almost no one will be left to remember when you were young and vital and relevant. Few of us want to leave this earth before we’ve given it a good run, but sticking around into your 10th decade means your best days will almost surely have been forgotten. In some cases, you may have forgotten them yourself.

Then along comes someone like Peggy Cole Darling, who demonstrates that character, generosity and humility — abetted by the good fortune of wealth — can overcome at least some of the consequences of time.

Robert Price is an Emmy-winning reporter-commentator for KGET-TV. His column appears here Sundays; the views expressed are his own. Reach him at or via Twitter: @stubblebuzz.

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