Kevin McCarthy

Rep. Kevin McCarthy addresses local media July 31 at Stockdale Country Club.

Three years ago, in the wake of yet another mass shooting, a reader submitted an op-ed commentary to The Californian that laid out his thoughts on this national scourge.

The queue of reader submissions was long and our Opinion section didn't get to his essay right away. In the meantime others wrote pieces that expressed similar sentiments. His essay now seemed redundant, I told him. But never fear, I said, another mass shooting will come along soon.

He was taken aback by my cavalier certainty.

"But isn't that the point of your commentary?" I responded. "That these happen with predictable regularity and nothing changes?"

A month later, we updated his essay with the name of the latest shattered city and published it.

I could fish out that reader's essay from our archive and publish it again and, as long as I changed the location to Gilroy, El Paso or Dayton, no one would be the wiser.

I could fish out the same flawed evaluations of the causes, too. 

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, in a Sunday appearance on "Fox and Friends," pinned this kind of gun violence on "video games that dehumanize individuals."

President Trump, in remarks from the White House the next morning, said much the same thing. "We must stop the glorification of violence in our society (that) ... includes the gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace."

Except the data show no such link.

“Scant evidence has emerged that makes any causal or correlational connection between playing violent video games and actually committing violent activities,” the American Psychological Association maintains.

“The data on bananas causing suicide is about as conclusive” as data on video games leading to real-world violence, Chris Ferguson, a psychology professor at Stetson University who helped develop that policy statement, told the New York Times. "Literally. The numbers work out about the same. "

Even the Supreme Court came to that conclusion. Studies "do not prove that violent video games cause minors to act aggressively,” Antonin Scalia wrote in a 2011 majority opinion striking down a California ban.

McCarthy, the Bakersfield Republican who leads the House's minority caucus, dredged up another largely discredited factor in explaining this insane succession of mass shootings.

"What we've found as a common denominator here is it comes to mental health," he told The Californian in an interview days after the Gilroy attack. "... We've found time and again, in some of these shootings, that the information (about mental health concerns) was not provided" to law enforcement beforehand.

(I asked McCarthy's office about his statement regarding mental health issues and screening — is he proposing some specific legislation? — and to clarify his stance on the enhanced regulation of so-called assault weapons proposed by many, but I received no reply.)

McCarthy is right about this: The red-flag reporting chain is flawed.

But mental health experts, Arthur Evans, chief executive officer of the American Psychological Association among them, say people with mental illness are generally not violent and in fact are far more likely to be victims of violent crime than perpetrators.

A country's rate of gun ownership is a far better predictor of mass shootings than mental illness data, Adam Lankford, a University of Alabama criminologist, told CBS News.

We're living a rerun. A horrible, nauseating rerun. Disaffected, angry young white man (in most cases) outfits himself in black (in most cases) and goes on a rampage.

Initial news reports, quoting confused, terrified witnesses, get half the facts wrong. CNN and Fox show us interviews with people who made it out alive. The police chief holds a press conference with the mayor, Republicans ask for thoughts and prayers, and then come the victim profiles and the funerals. In between there is hand-wringing, speculation, vilification and an increase in gun sales. 

Always followed by this: Flawed claims that video games and mental illness are primary causative factors.

Here's a possible correlation McCarthy might consider: America has by far the most guns in civilian hands of any nation and by far the most gun deaths. Pretty simple.

Are other factors at work? Of course. But until McCarthy, the man perhaps in the best position to meaningfully broach the subject in Congress, has the courage to set aside those same, tired talking points, readers will be submitting the same anguished commentaries.

And we'll try to publish them. If not this time, then next time.

Contact The Californian’s Robert Price at 661-395-7399, or on Twitter: @stubblebuzz. His column appears on Sundays, Wednesdays and Saturdays; the views expressed are his own.

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Independent Voter

Guns don't pick themselves up to fire upon people. Knives don't float around stabbing people. And Ryder trucks don't rent themselves out with an intent to mow down scores of innocent bystanders. If I thought it would help, I'd advocate for the banning of knives and Ryder trucks. While the discussion swirls around the apparent vile intent of inanimate objects, the issue of mental illness is ignored along with the root causes. A gun is often the object some crazy folks reach for to generate fear, death and mayhem - but if a gun wasn't available, then knives, clubs, vehicles, etc. would become the preferred weapon. If a lunatic wants to kill, they will kill. Perhaps this is news to some, but the criminals and crazies amongst us don't pay heed to laws, rules or regulations. Name anything "banned" or "regulated" that has become impossible for a criminal to obtain simply because a law was written and passed. Come on, people, use your heads... Laws only exist for those willing to follow them.


I applaud Robert Price's recent criticism of Rep. Kevin McCarthy lying to the public about the causes of gun violence. McCarthy is well aware of the fact that violent video games are played throughout most other nations without the gun violence and firearm mass murder that plagues the USA. He is also familiar with the complete lack of scientific or observational data that links video games and gun violence. I hope one of the questions from Price or another news source, that neither McCarthy or a member of his staff will ever answer, is “Why make up such an obvious and unsubstantiated lie when the American people are in mourning and searching for the truth”? If I were asked the same question about McCarthy's lie, I would say that he is deliberately deflecting blame away from the true cause of gun violence in the USA. Gun violence is caused by the prolific manufacture, purchase, and ownership of guns in the USA. There is an abundance of irrefutable evidence to prove it, both scientific and observational. There is also irrefutable evidence that McCarthy is a major fundraiser for The Republican Party and it's politicians. Pro-gun interests like the NRA, gun owners, and gun manufacturers are a major source of those funds. McCarthy is their man, bought and paid for. When is The Bakersfield Californian going to stop endorsing him for re-election?

Boogerface Nutter

When Kevin was elected to his current office, I had great hopes. In fact, one of my best friends called me everything but a child of God when I expressed this sentiment to him.

Alas, McCarthy has swallowed the Kool-Aid and has decided to become just another career politician.

If you understand how one toes the party line in DC, you must understand that, at the beginning of the day, they are given a list of talking points to adhere to. In this case, Video Games make it easy to use a gun, maybe even God chased from our schools (if there was an omnipotent God, wouldn't they stop this stuff in the name of humanity or is it the Old Testament God who rules the kingdom?)

Kevin, like the rest of us, whether we're gun owners, atheists, Christians or whatever, has no clue how to stop this stuff. All the gun legislation in the world is not going to do it.

It might help some for the Supreme Leader to tone down his rhetoric which may be inspiring those just teetering on the edge of sanity to action in the name of the Republic.

If I had a good idea, I'd say so. Until then, it's life as usual and if someone starts shooting, I hope I have the cojones to try to do something about it quickly before some open-carry nut starts spraying well-intenioned rounds all over the place.


All good points. Look, Kevin should have been honest and said he doesn't know why these mass murders occur. However, in Bob's article he references someone who uses the word "scant" evidence that violent video games and movies play a part. Correct me if I'm wrong, but "scant" doesn't exactly mean zero.

I don't have any type of a social media platform. I don't have FaceBook, SnapChat, Instagram, etc.. We see viral videos posted on YouTube and other video web sites involving someone recording these violent acts using these social media platforms. We've seen murders and other violent crimes FaceBook live. It seems more important for people to record these acts than to try and stop them. What type of society have we devolved into? We have become desensitized as a nation with the attitude "I'm not bothering you, so don't bother me". We've stopped caring for one another and when a person tries they're accused of passing judgment, trying to tell others how to live their lives or what's right and what's wrong. As I posted earlier, too many people are easily offended and things which use to horrify us no longer bothers us.

Bob is right. This isn't the last one. People might as well get their blame game on because it is far from being the last. In the meantime, people are going to die in mass numbers. It's just a matter of time.


"Lamonster", you are only presenting Anecdotal evidence that is based on your personal interpretation of world events without citing facts or research when you state;

"Conversely, an unarmed populace might have other deadly concerns to worry about. Since 1950 there have been 463 attempted coups worldwide of which 233 were successful. These violent overthrows of democratically elected (mostly) governments have led to civil wars and authoritarian control of the citizenry who of course are helpless to defend themselves."

I agree some of these countries were "democratically elected (mostly)" just like when Russia was "invited" by Crimean and then Crimean "voted" to secede from Ukraine.

But how many overthrown governments were done with the assistance of either the USA, UK, USSR, etc. ?

These are instances of the USA overthrowing a foreign government since WW II:

Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, British Guiana 1953-54, Iraq 1963, Cambodia 1955-70, Laos 1958, 1959, 1960, Ecuador 1960-63, Congo 1960, Brazil 1962-64, Dominican Republic 1963, Bolivia 1964, Indonesia 1965, Ghana 1966, Chile 1963-74, Greece 1967, Bolivia 1971, Australia 1973-75, Portugal 1974-76. Jamaica 1976-80, Chad 1981-82, Grenada 1983, Fiji 1987, Nicaragua 1981-90, Panama 1989, Bulgaria 1990, Albania 1991, Afghanistan 1980s, Yugoslavia 1999-2000, Ecuador 2000, Afghanistan 2001, Venezuela 2002, Iraq 2003, Haiti 2004, Honduras 2009, Libya 2011, Ukraine 2014.

If I would have included the "attempted overthrow of governments" the list would be doubled. And this is just the USA.

"Lamonster", I'm trying to drive my point because I feel there are many NRA members who feel comfortable accepting your anecdotal evidence.

But maybe my list may explain why there have been 463 coup attempts and 233 successful coups ???


Yes and no. I agree with some things you say but differ on others. First, I'm not sure what point it is that you are trying to drive home. Second, we seem to have differing definitions of "anecdotal evidence". The information I cited is not anecdotal, it is simply information that I found online, the same as you did with the list you provided. And of course it's true that the US as well as other countries have been responsible for some of these governments being overthrown. I thought I was being clear about the point I was driving but I'll say it here. It is my OPINION that these coups d'etat seem to be so much more prevalent in countries where the citizens do not have the protection of a 2nd Amendment right to arm and defend themselves against forceful and violent changes in how they are governed. That's it.

Jerry Todd

How many have since become Muslim countries or solidified radical Islamic control because of our stupidity? Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Libya. As Obama said after his election in 2008, "I am going to visit all 57 states." Not too many picked up his real meaning - 57 Muslim states in the world. He knows where his heart is.

Fram Smith

It seems like now is just the perfect time to stay at home and just avoid all crowds. A system based on capitalism can handle mass murders on a daily basis ; but what it can not tolerate is an entire country not spending money. Do only subsistence shopping , and stay at home. Or wear a tee shirt with a bullseye!


Kevin is right, but the root cause goes a lot more deeper than just violent video games and movies. For those of you who turn a nose up to the fact this country has chased God from every American institution, stand by. Where did the madness come from that it’s wrong to use the correct gender identity when addressing people? We can no longer identify as a male or female, in fact, we have to use gender neutral names for public toilets. When these idiotic things (thanks to progressives/liberals...freaking idiots) become the center pieces of societal talking points, you people wonder what the he!! happened to our country? When prayer is bad and pledge of allegiance is bad, referring to a girl as a girl and a boy as a boy is bad, people have to wonder what is wrong with our country? What Kevin believes is a problem is just the tip of the iceberg and it’s worse than any “expert” or college professor can imagine to explain. What was once right 40 years ago is now wrong and what was wrong is now right. Is there no wonder our society is pumping out thrill seekers who only want to kill and maim? The proverbial genie is out of the bottle with firearms and there’s no turning back, but the gun issue isn’t the problem. It’s society and what has become of ourselves. People are so quick to be offended and sad to say, look for others to offend them. We wonder why our youth is so damaged to want to kill people?


Yes, add this new mantra.... "Guns don't kill people, game cartridges do!" Kids are getting murdered randomly because some people identify as the opposite sex? Yeah, that's it. Most people could care less how others identify, as long as they don't shoot me.

As for violence, nobody has perpetrated more violence, if only on a fictional level, than God. If you want to blame a media for violence, in this case a game, maybe you can go back farther and blame things like making you kill your son, or selling people, or wiping out the entire population save for one family. Failing to protect our kids is THE number one sin in any society.

No it's not guns that decide to kill people, and it isnt nukes that kill 100s of's people. The 2nd amendment is about well regulated militias, it doesn't guarantee your right to own a Laws Rocket. How many freaking people have to die before this back and forth continues with no honest debate even attempted? You say people are quick to be offended, after stating how offended you are by progressives.


Didn't take much to offend you did it? Obviously, you didn't understand the point I was making about our society, but your attitude is EXACTLY my point. Offended much? Poor baby.


I'm not offended by you, I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy. "Poor baby" doesn't incite me either, I know who I am.


So, how about the guy in Orange County who stabbed and killed 4 and injured many others...not a gun in we outlaw knives? I'm not working to be funny here. It's an honest question.


Well how far you want to go with that, can you have a Nuke?


dogmom85, you can't use logic with some people. Mass murder is mass murder regardless of the weapon used, time span between each murder and location of each murder. Some would argue to stick to the narrative of "guns people" not knives or machetes. Plus, the suspect in this case is Hispanic and all his dead victims are Hispanic. This doesn't fit the correct profile of a mass murder the left can blame Trump and his supporters for. Give it time though, when they're hit with facts, they'll want to ban toilets and kitchen sinks.


Nevermind - I think you should answer your own question because you can't answer mine. This guy used a KNIFE to murder and injure several people we outlaw knives? You can try to be as extreme as you want with your "nuke" question but it doesn't answer the question I asked.

Bodysnatcher - man, I never comment on these things but the blatant and intentional ignorance (or pretend ignorance) is just appalling and laughable. Do you like how instead of engaging and answering my question they went WAY extreme (so rare for the libs, don't you think?) and brought in can't fix stupid!


Okay, no you shouldn't ban bath water because a baby might drown in it. No you shouldn't take my revolver away. And NO, you shouldn't get to mount a .50 caliber Browning on the back of your Tacoma. That's my answer, now then, answer mine, can I have a Nuke? The nuke doesn't press the button,, so why ban it......right? It's the same old tired response......someone suggests that we should TRY to make sure nuts and felons don't get access to weapons designed to wipe out dozens, and the response is an Infowars type response about government conspiracies. The vast majority of Americans believe in the right to bear arms. They also realize that some weapons shouldn't be available, and some people should get NO weapons.

The whole idea that only criminals will then get those type guns can be extended to ANY law. It is estimated that red lights are run a million times a day in New York City alone. So by that logic, we should ditch traffic laws and let all of us do as we please. I just got back from Ireland, so I'm driving on the left today.

NO gun law is going to stop human stupidity, human mental illness, or plain evilness. But because criminals break laws every second of the day, is no reason to ditch laws. Or are laws too "socialistic" now. Maybe the nation should operate like "Deadwood".

Jerry Todd

Now its God's fault. Jesus was well aware we live in a moral universe when each individual must make decisions. Yes, as he said, "There will be wars and rumors of wars until I come again." We've been in all out spiritual warfare since Eve convinced Adam to eat the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. That means they and subsequently we, lost their innocence and childlikeness - of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. It's built into our DNA to struggle to draw out the best in ourselves. Some choose the struggle that accuses others of racism and hate when in fact they don't know bat guano from cow manure. Or as we used to say, sh@@ from apple butter.


I dont blame God Jerry. To me it's like blaming Thor or Vishnu. Your President is riling up the masses with dividing rhetoric. You claim he isn't racist, yet he was sued and lost the largest discriminatory settlement in New York City history. Then....he continued to discriminate against blacks and was fined again. When does not allowing blacks in your apartments not equal racism? He rails about immigrants from "Sheet" countries, but has over 70 of them working at Mar A Lago alone. He wants you to stop buying Oreos because they're made in Mexico now, but be sure to buy his "designer" suits...errr....made in Mexico. When does calling women running against you unattractive not constitute mysoginy? When does saying beat that guy up, or laughing about shooting an illegal, or grabbing women by their genitals become approved by Jesus?


AMEN! I don't know that this could have been said better. When we welcome God back to our dinner tables, only then will we effectively start to address these issues.


You know it's funny that so many of you forget about that time you're driving down the road & that song comes on. All of a sudden you're feeling good & gettin pumped from the song so you pick up some speed & get a little rambunctious. Now we don't go out & kill but there have been a few speeding tickets. I do believe these kinds of things DO create a mind set. Scientific studies are equal for both sides. Yet I do believe that if we already have some type of mental issue, this only exacerbates it. Here again we don't talk about people killed by motor vehicle, knives etc... just gun control. OK so we get rid of guns from general public. Then do we go after cars do to mass murder, drunken driving etc... I don't have the answer & neither do any of you folks.


One other item Kevin forgot to mention in all these mass killings, yes mental illness is a problem and yes there are too many guns and he forgot to mention that over 90% of the mass killers where white men. Are we to conclude that all white men have issues with mental illness? Or just those who believed and the violent rhetoric of our president and now our congressman. Sad day for Bakersfield.


I wrote a list of at least twenty (20) mass shooters from recent years. Names only. None were white. But this blog says "your comment cannot be accepted due to the presence of profanity. Please remove any objectionable content..."

I can try one name at a time:


What was your point going to be, that mass murderers come in different colors?

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Absolutely not true- according to Statista, in U.S. mass shootings between 1982 and 2019, the top four (by ethnic grouping) show 56% were White, 17% Black, 9% Latino and 7% Asian.

Jerry Todd

You must work on the Editorial Page where all the lies about our President have top billing. Now that I have to pay 93 cents a copy for my paper, I wonder how long I can bear it. I've yet to hear Trump spout hate. With his Queens builder sense of humor, he's great at stirring up the ignorant and arrogant and watching them twist in the wind. He may not be right every time, like I am, but he calls them as he sees them and is usually spot on. Even the folks in Baltimore are organizing to clean up their neighborhoods while Elijah Cummings is trying to figure out how to get his $10 million in fine art that was burglarized from his home. That's what I call "concentrated urban renewal" with our billions of tax dollars that went down a rathole in Baltimore. They then "protesteth too much" to cover their wicked butts. Hate. White Supremacy. Russia. Bat guano. I grew up in an environment where we could call each other every name in the book, as a sign of friendship. Just don't insult Mom. That's why I call the micro-incensed, weenies, and others call them Snowflakes. Get a life and solve some problems instead of whining about your hurt feelings. BTW, I submitted an article about why some white boys might end up being shooters. Doesn't fit the BakoCA'n template, nor most of my LTE's.


You've yet to hear Trump spout hate Jerry....really?


In a country with the most and best food production and availability in the world you might expect the highest rate of obesity. The country with the most automobiles and highway miles probably has the most deaths and injuries by auto accident. And yes, the easiest availability of firearms will no doubt result in a high total of gun related deaths, even if not the highest per capita. Conversely, an unarmed populace might have other deadly concerns to worry about. Since 1950 there have been 463 attempted coups worldwide of which 233 were successful. These violent overthrows of democratically elected (mostly) governments have led to civil wars and authoritarian control of the citizenry who of course are helpless to defend themselves. One might conclude that those 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights were numbered in order of importance.


Other counties have violent video games, but few mass shootings. Guess again, Kev.

Inconvenient Truth

Here is a little 'Inconvenient Truth' for you:

On a per-capita basis, the USA has only the 11th highest death rate compared to EU countries with 0.089 per million people.

Which country has the highest mass killing rate? Norway with 1.89 per million people (Note: that's 21 TIMES HIGHER than the US!)

The EU average is 0.083 per million, so the US is about in line with Europe; which has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the world.

So, if gun banning is so effective, why is Europe, with its draconian gun laws, just as dangerous as the 'evil' USA?

Just a little perspective for the anti-gun crowd...


Why not localize and or globalize the stats? Globally it's nation's like Brazil that allow automatic weapons that far exceed Euros. The U.S. states with the loosest gun laws have the most gun related deaths per capita.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Again, absolutely not true- in a study conducted by researchers at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, there were 19 countries with more firearm deaths than the United States in 2016.

This study's findings were also confirmed by PBS Newshour, hardly a right-wing news organization..

Gene Pool Chlorinator

My prior comment should have included "per capita" (per 100,000 people), not more firearm deaths than the Unites States, although Brazil did actually have 6000 more firearms related deaths than the US in 2016. Most of Brazil's firearm deaths were homicide, where most of the US firearm deaths were suicide.


It is absolutely true that Central American nations far exceed Euro. The data you have compared the U.S. to Europe. Absolutely the states with the highest rate of gun deaths are red States with loose gun laws. It cracks me up when people bring up Chicago.Well, in St. Louis, you don't need a permit to carry. They have three times more shootings than Chicago per capita. California has 3 to 5 times less per ratio than them. Yet I still own a Smith and Wesson 686p and a Mossberg. Nobody needs an assault rifle to hunt or defend their home, unless you stole meth from MS13.

Boogerface Nutter

Hmmm...there have been a few attacks in France in the past few years but not in the past few days....and days apart?

I think your example is unfounded.



MCCARTHY is RIGHT! . . . AND, as usual, BOBBY'S (IGNORAMUS 'GAME SHOW') OPINION PIECE-- "THE PRICE is . . . WRONG!" >> doesn't deserve McCarthy's reply!

ROBERT PRICE . . . and his (idiot) . . . "tired gun-violence talking points!" (with NO cites!)

Said it once before and . . . here again . . .

REMUDA Aug 6, 2019 6:25am

Wonder how many CCP's are newly active and engaged in our 'normal' gatherings . . . and malls. Lest we forget, do ya think there might be a resurg on such conditions as in the past with the previous admin's 24 mass murders (and those prior?)? How 'bout NAMI and its interest level in the mental state of the perps? Whaddayathink, Donny?

We're NOT the "worstest with mostest" . . . except in the 'FAKE NEWS PRICE' >>> RIGHT HERE IN "NASHVILLE WEST" . . . !


You do sound like you are mentally unstable. If you live in Nashville, why are you commenting on here? McCarthy is not right. He is a RINO!!! I see what side of the fence that you are on.


Not sure why you are not banned from here...all you do is personally insult people.Typical conservative, fearful of the truth and the future




Ah Ms. Sheebe >> "Remember" . . . "Nashville West"?

Is country music dying in Bakersfield, a city once called NASHVILLE WEST?

BY STEVEN MAYER Aug 3, 2019 11

Sheebe Aug 4, 2019 7:17am

Old Country will never die. That was the days when there was talent. New country music, isn't country. It is *rap. Nonsense music. Like some rock, and other genres. Older country music will never die. Been to the Crystal Palace. Love it there.


"Is country music dying in Bakersfield, a city once called NASHVILLE WEST?" (STEVEN MAYER)


Thank you Robert Price.


Video games? Please . . . Well the NRA contributed $4950 to his 2018 campaign seems like also could have contributed a few more realistic talking points too.


From a guy who based his entire business history on lies.


Boy, really stirred the liberal cesspool around here this time.


The GOP's response depends on race or skin color;

Hispanic: Build a wall. Sanctuary cities are to blame, all immigrants are bad, etc.

Arab: Ban Muslims.

Black: Young Black Men are terrorists.

White; Movies, Video games, music, bad parenting, lack of God in public schools, lack of discipline, indulgent parents, blah, blah, blah.

Public Servant

Agree! There has to be a change around here. If it means that McCarthy has not met his responsibilities for Kern County he should be defeated in the next election. It is not a given we have to support him.


In your own mind. There are good and bad in everyone. Stop stereotyping races. Liberals like yourself are not to bright. Can't even change you're light-bulb.


You’re? Ironic.

Jerry Todd

I sent Bob a piece I wrote that strives to identify the core problem going back to human DNA adaptations as migration occurred after the ice cap melted between 26,500 and 10,000 years ago. (Real Global Warming after 200,000 years of global cooling. Probably won't run it.) However, Martha MacCallum on Fox News is running a series on understanding the mass shooter. Her lead guest Monday was Dr. Warren Farrell. He once spoke about the boy crisis to NOW groups, but got kicked out because he didn't fit their template. Check out any of this Google Search: If you want to know where the shooters are coming from, read it.


Thank you . . . !

Someone with a REAL CITE . . . unlike Bobby . . . and the rest of this 'trail of tears' . . . !


Good article. Thanks, Mr. Price, for a balanced but strong voice in this "Momentum" world of mass shootings.

Bill Peloquin

I agree with Robert Price. My fear is that Bakersfield could be on that list of cities that had the experience of mass shootings. If you think about it I am sure there are angry white guys with rifles around here. I am not promoting removing guns from people but I would love to see background checks and a closing of the massive loopholes in the USA.

There has to be a change around here. If it means that McCarthy has not met his responsibilities for Kern County he should be defeated in the next election. It is not a given we have to support him.

Susan S

I’d love nothing more than to see someone defeat Kevin McCarthy. Listening to him makes my brain hurt.


McCarthy has one of the highest UE rates of any district. The worst air pollution of any district. Most murders per capita of any district. Massive homelessness problem. Trade wars are starting to hurt oil and gas and agriculture....How does this trump sycophant keep his job? We need a better congressman than Trump Assistant!

Public Servant

Yes! Agree! Come on Kern let’s get this right. Defeat him at next elections.


Nobody has posted any support for Kevin McCarthy "video/mental health" talking point so far??? The silent defense of Kevin McCarthy position is deafening !!! My conclusion is that once those who have accepted the "video/mental health" talking point but now have to read some researched based analysis dispelling these talking points, they have becoming concerned why these talking points sound more like "fake news".


We just vote, snowflake....


And cower behind your silence between votes, sludge hugger.


I'm quite happy with my vote...loser...


Please . . . give us some cites (" . . . researched based analysis . . . ") . . . !

Anything . . . !

Please . . . !

Fram Smith

Spot on. Thanks Bob.

I agree with every word.


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